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Custom Coffee Mug For Your Business

Let’s Grab A Coffee
Relationships are built over a cup of coffee. Think about some of the people that you value most in your life and you’re certain to recall a time, over a hot cup being able to open up and spend the time that truly mattered. Our relationship with coffee has become a catalyst to build bridges both personally and professionally and to keep those connections strong.

The comfort associated with coffee creates an opportunity for your business as you look to build a rapport with your clientele – both those that you have worked with over an extended period of time as well as those that you are meeting for the first time. Connecting the comfort and familiarity with coffee to your business can serve to create a subtle but effective association that establishes and expands trust with your customers.

In The Boardroom

Having an inventory of uniform, logo’ed coffee cups on site demonstrates preparedness and professionalism when you are meeting with clients and key business partners. It shows attention to detail in everything that your firm does as well as ensuring that everyone at the table is visibly equal. A striking design will catch the attention of those at the table and punctuate your attention to their needs and their satisfaction.

As Giftware

The practicality of coffee mugs as a promotional item to give to your clients offers a wide range of possibilities for issue. For example, if welcoming a new client to the company, maybe you drop by their office with a pair of coffee mugs and include a package of coffee, tea or hot chocolate – based on your knowledge of their beverage preference. This gesture says, we welcome you and here’s how well we already know you at the start of the relationship. You might also look at coffee mugs as a gift for clients as they celebrate different personal and professional milestones. When they open a new office or as a housewarming gift as they move into a new home.

Standing out from the crowd

We invite you to visit our showroom and take a look at some of the products, colors and designs that we have available in the realm of coffee mugs. We can provide advice on which materials and colors would look best with your logo, as well as recommend the best possible art design to ensure a striking presence of your brand, but also durability over the long term so that your logo will not fade or deteriorate over time.

Let’s Grab a Coffee

Not sure exactly where you would like to go with your company’s marketing and branding needs? We invite you to drop in for a coffee and share your vision with us and ask questions. We can help you identify how best to connect with your customers. You may find that you are inspired simply by the cup that you hold in your hand. Coffee mugs may be the right solution for your promotional effort, and in Edmonton, we offer the best selection of products and pricing to meet your needs.