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Screen Printing Puts Your Logo (Almost) Anywhere
Screen printing (also called silk screening) is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods to transfer an image or logo onto almost any material. This technique has a widespread application in the development of branded apparel as it allows for a bold, vibrant, multi-color presentation and is great for use on products where an embroidered solution is not practical or available.

We Start With Your Design

Our Edmonton business is successful when we can bring the ideas and concepts that our customers provide and take that project from an idea to a finished product. To ensure the success of a screen printing application, we first start with your design. If you have a concept but not an established logo or design in hand, we can work with you to create that image. When you’ve come to us with a logo and brand already established, we can adapt that to a working vector format that opens the door to an almost limitless selection of possibilities.

The Advantages of Screen Printing

One of the greatest benefits of screen printing is that it has become one of the most durable images that is resistant to wear through washing or contact. By working with a vector image, it is easy to re-size and scale your image for a more subtle presentation for a staff uniform, or a larger image over the entire face of the shirt for a design that may be more appropriately worn by the public. Once a template has been established, multiple products can be printed with the same screen, whether clothing items such as t-shirts and hats or other products.

It’s Not Only For Clothing

While screen printing is often associated with custom t-shirt design, this process is so versatile that it can be effectively used on a variety of materials and textiles. This allows you a wider selection of options in promotional products and novelties that can bear your brand. Among the common materials for which screen printing is often used are balloons, stickers, product labels and posters. You may be surprised to learn that given the need for highly colorful and engaging graphics, that screen printing is also a popular solution for the artwork on pinball machines, as well as other commercial and industrial applications.

Let’s Get to the Drawing Board

Creating the impactful, eye-catching design that communicates the professionalism of your brand and the importance of your message begins with an initial consultation. We invite you to meet with our team in Edmonton, discuss your ideas and the goals for your project. It is a combination of your vision and our expertise that will create optimal results that is sure to please. So whether you’re starting from scratch with an idea that you can describe to us, a rough sketch of what you envision, or an established design that needs to be re-introduced or evolved, our design team can help to steer the process from concept to completion. Let’s get to work on your screen printing project today, or you can call or drop in to see us so we can answer any questions you may have.