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Imagine Having a Pen With Your Business Name On It

The Best Promotional Pens Edmonton Has To Offer
How many times have you been asked by someone if they could borrow your pen? It is the type of convenient utensil that even a stranger is comfortable to approach and ask to borrow. What often happens with pens is that they somehow find legs and travel – and that is the main reason why branded writing tools such as pens continue to be one of the most popular promotional products available.

Not that long ago, we were promised that the increased implementation of computers in the work place and service industries was going to see the world go “paperless”. If anything, what computers have done for us is to make us more efficient at producing those same documents and we are getting them in hard copy anyway for sign off. While there is a migration to an increased number of e-services, we’re not likely to get away from the standard writing pen any time soon, and that works to your full advantage. Because as we grow increasingly comfortable using our electronic devices, we are less likely to be carrying a pen – and when we need one, we could be exposed to some subtle messaging about your product and service as well.

Affordable and Practical

Probably the greatest advantage to pens over all other choices is that they are relatively inexpensive for even the most restrictive budget, they are used by all ages, and they are just as essential for use in the workplace as at home. Look through your own desk drawer, how many different brands or companies do you see represented? How unique are they from each other?

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Because pens are a popular choice for business and industry, including your competitors, take the time to look at your options to select a pen that will stand out from the rest. You may be wondering: What’s so specialized about a pen? Some modern choices give you increased functionality beyond simply whether you have a retractable click pen or one that requires a cap. You can now find items that have a standard pen at one end, and a highlighter on the reverse end. Other pens have included a tech upgrade with executive style pend which include a detachable USB drive in the stem.

One Thing To Think About

If you are marketing your pen to business clients in particular, while you may strive to be creative with the colors and style of the pen itself, ensure that the colors of your ink are a standard black or blue. If you stray from this business standard, you may find that your pen which seems to be more for novelty will be used less regularly, and may get shuffled to the bottom of the desk drawer.

We’ve Got a Pen People Will Want to Borrow

Drop in to see us in our showroom to check out the wide line up of customizable pens that could be wearing your brand this year. From product selection to pricing, we’re confident that you won’t find a better solution in Edmonton for your promotional product needs.