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Be The Talk Of Edmonton With Promotional Products

Wouldn’t it be great if your message could get into every single home in Edmonton? Promotional products allow you the opportunity to take your brand to places that truly engage your audience in a way that conventional advertising simply can’t. If you can marry your brand with a product that translates well to create a direct association with what you do, or fills a need with your customers in the same way that your product or service does, that creates a foundation for further success. Are you best associated with a practical item that will see a lot of use? Or perhaps an item that is more light-hearted, sure to be displayed and become a conversation starter is a better direction to go.

Why Promotional Products?

Think about the most common challenges that you hear from your associates about why they aren’t investing in main stream advertising anymore for their business. You might hear that a costly ad in newspapers or on the radio doesn’t directly translate into more hits on the company website or more customers through the door. In fact, while those outlets can boast their overall circulation, you can’t be assured that your message is reaching your target market at all.

Promotional products on the other hand allow you to reach out to your customers and interested potential customers and embolden that relationship by putting a gift in their hand. A token gesture of your interest to start a mutually beneficial relationship, that they can take home without commitment.

How many business cards have you received in a year? Where do they end up? While business cards are still considered a standard for networking and demonstrating your professionalism and credibility, promotional products go a step beyond the business card, offering a little more of yourself and your brand for customers to connect with.

What’s the Right Product for You?

A business offering promotional items is certainly not new territory. Some of the common items that many of us have received may have included pens, key chains, magnets or calendars. These items are practical, they get used and they provide a regular reminder of that company and their services. But how do you stand out from the crowd? Not only from your competitors in your field, but also from EVERY company that is trying to capture the attention of the market?

The expansion of products is allowing for an increasingly customized fit of products for your message on an item that is associated with your business. Travel mugs, tote bags, personal alarms, USB memory drives, beer coozies … and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve Got the Products for You!

If you want to get creative in your brand marketing, we’re your one-stop shop for promotional products in Edmonton. We’ve got a wide selection of speciality items, competitive pricing and we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the hottest trends in the industry to help give you a competitive edge. Let’s explore your promotional marketing strategy today.