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Carry your message all over Edmonton with a Custom Branded T-Shirt

Given both its popularity and its visibility it is sometimes hard to imagine what the streets looked like before the introduction of the custom T-Shirt. While up until the 1940s the T-Shirt was primarily considered an undergarment, its rise in popularity in our culture worldwide has not only creates avenues for self-expression but also opportunities for Edmonton businesses and brands to passively promote and generate awareness of themselves to the public at large. Custom T-Shirts offer buyers an avenue to promote the brands and causes that they care about, but there are many reasons for the popularity of the T-Shirt in branding and marketing.

Put the Customer in Control

Most of the steps we take as business people to advertise and promote our businesses and organizations involve outbound campaigns. We are required to physically reach out and share our message directly with people. Branded T-Shirts put the control in the customers’ hands, graphically giving them an opening to candidly discuss the shirt and the message or company behind its sentiment. Their support is more organic, unbiased, and may be more well-received by a fellow consumer who doesn’t want to be influenced by sales people and obvious company-driven agendas.

Edmonton Personalized T-Shirt Creates Team Spirit

Is there anything that better communicates unity behind a cause than the visual impact of a large group of people all sporting the same shirt? The ability to bring people together and make them feel like they are part of something greater than themselves can be a huge boost to morale at an event, and serve as a regular reminder of the cause and the emotion attached to that event every time the person pulls that shirt out of the closet, perpetuating awareness every time they don that item to go out in public.

It’s a Great Tool to Promote Your Brand

The versatility of T-Shirts and the relative affordability of a T-Shirt campaign in Edmonton creates the flexibility to develop T-Shirts that may simply promote your brand, logo, or likeness as a standing piece of timeless promotion. However, you might also consider T-Shirts to promote a specific campaign. Whether released to the public or just worn by your staff to elevate visibility of a short term marketing strategy, you’re sure to generate attention with the right design and color combinations.

You’re Limited Only by Your Imagination

A quality T-Shirt is like a blank canvas upon which to create your art. You can choose to make a strong political statement, to create humour, to unify a community, or to promote your own brand either in a subtle fashion or in an over-the-top, in your face, attention-grabbing way. You have the choice of images, fonts, colors, and words as well as your choice of apparel from T-Shirts to polos to hoodies. When you add in the choices of screen printing or embroidery, you have further control of the look and feel that best conveys your message. Edmonton personalized T-Shirts are at the heart of our business and whether you’re looking for a short run for small quantity of shirts or a long run for a larger rollout, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs.