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Printing Services For Business Branding

Building Your Brand in Edmonton

While we recognize some of the world’s most successful brands by a single word or phrase, it is important to remember that branding is more than just your name. Your brand should feature a look, a feel and a voice that inspires a relationship with your customer and a greater awareness of you to an even wider audience. We can help you to create your unique identity and develop your brand from idea to the public launch.

Logo Creation

Identifying an effective logo requires more than assigning a symbol and it starts with understanding the heart of your organization and how best to represent that graphically. It can include consideration about the right color combinations to incite the emotions that you want associated with your company that appeals to your target audience. Another important element of an effective logo is that it represents a design that will readily translate across multiple platforms. If your logo looks great in print on your business card, but doesn’t translate well on printed apparel, on logo’ed promotional material or on digital platforms, it may require further attention.

Beyond the Logo

Creating a logo is only the beginning. Where will you feature that image so that it best becomes part of the public’s consciousness? Sure, you’ll include your logo on signage at your premises, in print advertising and on flyers or posters, but there are other avenues as well to ensure that your logo gets seen by customers. There is a growing slate of promotional products, starting from the traditional pen or key chain, to specialized items that may more specifically speak to your core business, and allow for direct association of your name, your logo, and the products and services for which you want to be known. When you make the right choices for promotional products, you get your name not only into a customer’s hand, but also into their home where it will be seen repeatedly.

Is It Time to Re-Brand?

Even successful organizations and products evolve and grow over time. Consider a household brand like Pepsi which has updated its logo eleven times over the past century to remain current, hip and relevant. You may find that from the time that you first got into business that your slate of products and services has grown, diversified and changed. As you re-focus to capitalize on your strengths, it may be time to re-introduce yourself to your audience. A brand re-launch can sometimes help to create a new wave of interest on your venture.

We’re Ready To Help You

If you need to create a fresh identity for your brand, we can offer a full slate of services from graphic design to printing, apparel and promotional products. Our team can develop a comprehensive roll out from start to finish to create an identity that you’re sure to be excited about and eager to take to market. Let’s start by discussing your vision for your brand and create a strategy that will help you reach those goals.