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USB Sticks That Promote Your Business

You can spend hours flipping through product catalogues trying to find just the right fit for your promotional product purchase, but your consideration needs to come down to just two simple considerations:

1. What product can I put on someone’s hand that is going to be so useful that they are going to keep it at hand and use it frequently?

2. What product allows me the opportunity to purchase large quantities without breaking your budget.

In today’s modern era of connectivity and the mobility of data for both personal and professional needs, most everyone is using a USB stick to carry files, pictures and other electronic information from one device to another. It’s handy, it’s small enough to fit into a bag or a pocket for daily use, and it offers the affordability that makes it an attractive choice that’s right for you.

The Design

Given the popularity of these devices, you are limited only by your own imagination. Designs start with a standard format, with a flip cover or retractable USB plug in that you can logo up in most any color or you can get more creative with your application of this handy tool. Now, you can even create a custom piece that speaks to the heart of your business and provides a visual representation of your brand and a reminder of what you do every time that device is used. On our website, you’ll see an example of a rubber cement truck USB drive, but there are many opportunities for this level of customization. Now, you can get even more creative as suppliers are developing USB’s in formats such as embedded in a rubber wristband, incorporated into the design of a lanyard, and you can even find USB sticks as a detachable component of executive pens. USB drives are convenient, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your promotional gift to stand out from the crowd.

The Function

Probably the most important thing to consider before you commit dollars to an order of USB sticks is to ensure that you select a storage size that will be useful for your customers. Generally speaking, based on the size of today’s files and photos, you should look for nothing less than 1 GB. The more capacity that the portable drive has, the more likely it is to be used regularly and not discarded in a desk drawer.
The great thing about the USB drive is that you can also pre-load it with a presentation or photo gallery that lets your customers review your material at their leisure, and not on the spot in a seemingly high pressure situation. This file simply appears when they plug the device into their computer and gives you an added level of engagement.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to explore if USB sticks are the right choice for your promotional product needs, at Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery we can help you with the right advice to get the most impact out of your purchase. Let’s talk about your target market, the strategy for distribution of your items and how creative you can get in your approach.

Drop us an e-mail, give us a call, or drop by to see us in store to get your next marketing campaign off to a strong start.