All companies displaying their products and services at trade shows need eye-catching displays. The spaces are usually large and many signs can even be hung from the ceiling. Banners, many feet long and many feet wide can be used to attract attention from across the trade show floor. Use colours, design and elements easy on the eye to grab the attention and make show visitors want to seek out your trade show booth. Where the larger banners and signs are either economically prohibitive or not possible for any other reasons, smaller and more portable signs can be used.

Not all participants in a tradeshow are the same; they differ in terms of scale and scope. For instance, budget remains a key determinant for those only getting started with marketing and branding. It is for this reason that we bring up the question of portable signage. Here’s why your tradeshow booth could use well-designed portable signage.

Money, Money, Money

As we’ve mentioned above, budget is the primary concern for some players who may not have financial resources for large-scale signs, or they don’t want to invest that much when testing entry into a new industry or city. Smaller scale portable signs may be the perfect solution for these same reasons.

Easy Come, Easy Go

If you haven’t already tried your hand at a larger exhibit, you should know that setting up and installing a large exhibit can be a large undertaking. Installing such a large exhibit takes away valuable time better invested in organizing your booth. Installing a large exhibit also takes away valuable financial resources, again, better invested elsewhere. On the other hand, a portable sign is easier to install and can be more cost-effective.

I Need Some Space!

If you’ve been to tradeshows before, you’re aware that space is always a constraint. The tradeshow organizers intend to make sure that they can accommodate multiple entities, and this can mean that you must pay extra for more space or settle for less space.


A portable sign offers the versatility that a large-sized exhibit simply can’t. For instance, a large-sized signage can simply be used as a tradeshow display, but what if you have other utilities and other ways through which you market your offerings? A portable sign can come in handy should you decide to use it for a conference, a corporate meeting, or even seminars or fairs.

Are you concerned about the effectiveness of a smaller, portable sign? You will more than communicate precisely what your brand has to offer, and you can do the same with the help of a well-designed sign. Yes, sophisticated graphic designs are here and it’s time to make the most of it. Contact us for any help we can offer to your marketing and branding schemes.