A sports team uniform is important as it resembles the uniformity of the team. When designing the t-shirts, the biggest advantage you get is that you can customize the t-shirts as you want them to. You can add your own flavours to the design as suitable with the team, according to the codes and ethics. Yes, printing t-shirts are what people mostly prefer, but embroidered t-shirts are not something less preferred. The design that will be made on t-shirts with embroidery will surely last long enough. The thread that will be weaved in the t-shirts won’t let the design and other logos fade easily over time. If you are looking forward to designing embroidery t-shirts for your sports team, then here we are enlisting some do’s and dont’s that you should follow when designing t-shirts.


Keep the Design Simple

This is the basic rule of embroidery that you should always keep in mind, never make a complicated design on t-shirts. Making design more complicated will make it more difficult for the designer to embroid the design on the t-shirt. The thread used for embroidery is thick, and it won’t be able to display small and tiny details appropriately. The small details will be complicated to figure out. So making a simple design without too many details will be efficient. Simple designs and shapes will be easily visible to the eyes, even when done in a small space.

Use the Right Fabric

You cannot embroid designs on any fabric for sports t-shirts, there are only some fabrics which are suitable for embroidery. Fabrics like outerwear, denim and knits are suitable for embroidery, but the fabrics like cotton or performance fabrics do not go well with the embroidery. You will have to be clever when opting for the fabric, so you get the best t-shirts for your sports team. Choosing the wrong fabric for the embroidery will make the design look like a mess after the first wash. When the t-shirt is washed for the first time, wrinkles will gather around the design permanently. So always choose the best fabric for your t-shirts and don’t go for the lighter quality.

Place the Embroidery Properly

This is one of the important factors when designing embroidery t-shirts. You are not investing in embroidery t-shirts just for the sake of it. You also need your sports team to stand out and look different from others. You will have to place the embroidery designs on your t-shirts properly. A small logo on the left chest of your collared t-shirt is smart, but a big logo in the middle of a collared t-shirt is not. You can place a small logo design at various places on the t-shirt, like chest or sleeves. Also, always do consider the kind of size you are using for the design and logos.

Use the Right Needle

When you are giving your t-shirts for embroidery, ensure you detail the kind of work you want to be done. And most importantly, tell them to use the right kind of needle for embroidery, because using a big needle can pierce holes in the t-shirt. The holes in the t-shirt can make the area around the embroidered design to pull and stretch. This way, the design will look like a mess. Better is to use the smallest needle possible whether the embroidery is done by hands or machine. It will help to get the job completed properly and will give the best results.


Make Small Designs

When you are making the design for your sports team t-shirts, make sure that you are not making the design too small. Small designs on the t-shirts are well versed with casual wear, but you are designing the t-shirts for the sports team, so consider making the design logos big. Large embroidered designs are best suited to sports t-shirts. The large embroidered designs help to spot the design from far away. And spotting the name and logo of the player from far away will be helpful when the team is playing the sport in the field. Always choose large embroidery on sports t-shirts as they are the best.

Afraid to Stand Out

Yes, when you are designing embroidered t-shirts for your sports team, you can opt to be different. You can experiment with different colours and contrasts and decide which one goes the best for your sports team. The t-shirts are to resemble the sports and the team, but there is always room to express yourselves. Get the team’s idea if they want anything else to put on the t-shirt and ask the designer if it is possible or not.

Use Any Font for Embroidery

With the design, you would also need to write something on the t-shirt, like the team name and the player’s name. It is embroidery, and unlike printing, you cannot just go with any design of your liking. You will have to opt amongst the font that is best for embroidery. Sans serif font with a decent amount of space amongst the letters is considered to be the best choice for embroidery. As the thread is thick other fonts may not look much attractive.

Put Every Detail

Putting every detail in the design would not be generic. Too much detail in the embroidery design will be considered as overcrowding. The design and logo should be simple and readable. Adding too many details will make it hard to read and lose its importance. So be sure to make the design simple and readable.

To get such perfection when designing embroidery for your sports team, you need experienced designers to conduct the work. For such high-quality work, you can always rely on us in Nunavut. We will provide you with the best work.