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Popular Graphic Designing Trends for Logos

Graphic Designing Trends

Every business has its unique selling points (USPs), qualities, and values in terms of branding. Your business’s logo, along with these traits, forms an identity for your business. The logo represents your brand by giving a symbolic representation that your brand encompasses a visual cue for your customers to identify your brand. An effectively-designed logo […]

Branding Tips for Startups

  Every startup wants a big push out to the public for awareness to help build their growth quickly. Branding is the way you build an identity for your startup fast. Startups usually focus more on attracting investors and hiring individuals and do not always prioritize branding and design. But, branding helps your startup establish […]

Trends In Brand Marketing

Though the whole world is moving towards digitization, traditional brand marketing has still not gone out of style. Digital marketing may have taken businesses by storm, but offline marketing and promotions still rule. From print advertisements to promotional products many traditional marketing tools turn out to be sales generating and profitable. In this article, we’ll […]

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