A Logo is one of the most important aspects of your brand and should be well thought of in your marketing plans. It gives your customers a glimpse of your brand’s personality and can convey much of ehat you are about. Have you ever wondered what it takes to fully create an appealing logo? The process of creating a logo incorporates all aspects of your business such as customer demographic, colours, layout, distinguishability, competitors and the desire of your ultimate branding. Logos can be image and words, just words, or just image, minimalist, or not. The logo design process starts with understanding each of these aspects and the brand identity you want customers to have with you In this article, we’ll take you through the logo design process from start to finish.

Understand Your Business

As mentioned above, you need to consider all the aspects of your business to flesh out anything you may want to convey through your logo, its colours, design or impression. This can also be a long and arduous process. Have brainstorming sessions with business partners, maybe run concepts and ideas past some early customers to get their feedback as well. There may be many versions of your logo as you do this, but eventually you and your partners will come to know when you’ve reached the right one for your brand.

Research Your Industry

After the design brief, it is essential to go through your brand history, the industry you are in, and to look at competitors logos and branding. Unless your company is new, you need to spend more time understanding its history. Furthermore, researching about the industry is essential as it helps you to learn about the niche and perhaps identify an aspect that was not previously considered.

Brainstorming and Developing the Idea

After the design brief and the research phase, comes the part where you have to get to the real business; brainstorming about the concept and generating ideas. It starts by collecting visual inspirations. You may have seen an eye-catching logo you want to keep in mind when designing yours. Your design team or partner design company then proceeds to create several designs.

Execution of the Design

Now, that the graphic designers have a fair idea about what you want the logo to look like, it is time to execute the design digitally. A digital platform offers room to play with creativity. Developing the logo digitally is a complete technical stage where the designers work on various creative concepts.


Once the designers have created the logo it is presented and includes an explanation of what all the elements in the logo provide to convey the full meaning of the brand. If you feel that the logo still needs more work, designers create additional revisions. After several rounds of changes the designers have a logo that perfectly fits into the specifications.

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