T-shirt Colours

Healthcare is a sector that people rely entirely on with their lives. Whenever they look for a helping hand and turn to a healthcare facility, the environment never fails to soothe. The environment does play a significant role in making the patients feel welcomed. Still, the healthcare staff needs to wear something that portrays trust, authority, stability and tranquillity. Patients should be able to feel comfortable with the healthcare personnel treating them. The palette that your healthcare facility uses in all aspects should analyze the colour usage from the patient’s perspective. In the report, “The Application of Colour in Healthcare Settings,” by the Centre for Health Design (CHD), the experts have claimed how various colour influences patients. So when it’s time to decide on the colour of your staff’s uniform, take a look at what colours are most appealing and accordingly get your staff’s t-shirt printing done.

1) Blue

Blue is the most calming colour usually utilized by the majority of the healthcare facility. More than any other industry, it is the healthcare industry that relies on the colour ‘blue’ as the most appropriate colour for a healthcare setting. Also, it is relatively understandable that blue is a significant consideration. Blue resembles sterility, trust, tranquillity, knowledge, security and confidence. This is the main reason why you see majority healthcare facilities equipped with blue overalls, i.e. not just clothes, but sometimes the walls are coloured with different shades of blue to provide the patients with a secure feeling.

2) Green

Green is the least loved colour by the majority of the population, but it is one of the essential colours in healthcare and is a colour that assures patients of reliable treatment. The colour green resembles nature, life, fertility, which makes it so assuring of the place that saves lives and, in instances like childbirth, also gives life. Green is the best association with the work that healthcare does.

3) Pink

Pink in healthcare is often gender-biased, and is majorly considered feminine. Is it woman healthcare? Pink. Is it a gynecologist? Pink. However, pink is a colour that is friendly, clean and welcoming. Pink is appropriate, also because it ensembles sophistication. Pink is also modern, youthful and luxurious at the same time. If these are the things that you want to convey through your healthcare facility, then you should get your uniform’s t-shirt printing done in pink!

4) Yellow

Yellow as your healthcare staff’s t-shirt colour is a pleased, happy, bright and welcoming colour filled with glee. It is a cheerful colour that will make your patients seemingly delighted and help them trust you more. The more cheerful and friendly your staff looks, the more your patients will feel secure to rely on your healthcare facility. Yellow colour also assures the required warmth to your incoming patients.

5) Purple

Purple is a colour that emphasizes the aspects of peace, pride, grandeur, luxury, elegance, etc. If you get your t-shirt printing done in purple, you, at the same time, also ensuring that your patients will come across services that are perfectly aligned with the features that the colour ‘purple’ signifies. 

6) Red

When we say red, don’t think about the bright or dark red shades. We are talking about the light red colour. Red, universally is considered the colour of danger, anger and many other negative emotions and healthcare is majorly catered with the help of mild or pastel colours. However, red, on the other hand, if it is to be applied to the healthcare sector, especially for t-shirt printing, also denotes energy, perseverance, determination and even luxury. Red is a very challenging colour, but many healthcare facilities have jumped over the risks and managed to build their logos on the colour red. Not everyone can conclusively implicate red colour to healthcare, but those who can accept the challenge, need to carry it well.

7) Orange

The closest colour to red, orange, is the lighter shade in the category. With being an assuring colour, orange also talks about the aspects of welcoming, assurance, creativity, determination, happiness, enthusiasm and fascination. T-shirt printing consisting of the colour orange will help your staff be self-explanatory about your healthcare facility, irrespective of what it majors in. Your staff will have an affirming colour concerning the quality of the healthcare service you offer.

8) White

White is the most peace bearing colour. Along with its natural quality of peacefulness, it is highly valued in terms of healthcare as well. White is also youthful, economical and, at the same time, also associates with the hospital values of purity and hygiene. We have seen how hospital walls are always painted with white; similarly, if white colour is applied in t-shirt printing, it conveys your hospital values of pure and hygienic into your healthcare staff.

T-shirt printing can make or break your healthcare facility as a brand. Not just the colours, but the overall tone of the overall t-shirt is also equally important. Many times healthcare brands have chosen all the wrong hues for their healthcare staff’s uniform and have miserably failed. Many healthcare facilities have chosen colours like brown, which is suggestively a dusty colour and doesn’t accommodate the healthcare fact of hygiene. Thus, many such mistakes should be avoided when considering t-shirt printing for healthcare or any other brand category. For the best options and collection in screen printing, Laser Screen Printing & Embroidery is your one-stop solution.