Your Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) establishment might be organizing several events and activities for the good of people. Because that’s what YMCA activities are about, developing the body, mind, and spirit of people. But do you what can make your event even more successful? Promotional products. Promotional Items that are functional and attractive are an excellent way to help an event or conference be a success. If you aren’t sure what will be the best promotional product ideas for your events in Yukon, then here’s a list of the most successful items. 

1) Drinking Accessories

Whether you are organizing fun activities or self-defence and learning ones for your YMCA members, drinkware can be ideal promotional products for them. Irrespective of the type of event, your members need to stay hydrated. Use drinking accessories like mugs, sippers, bottles, and retractable bottles as perfect giveaways for all the participants. This way, whenever they take a sip out of the promotional product, they’ll be reminded of the event and all the teachings you had in the session. Also, when other people see the promotional products with your name and logo on it, they’ll be interested to know more about your YMCA establishment and may also want to enrol themselves.

2) Badges and Pins

One of the easiest promotional products is lapel pins. And not just lapel pins, even badges are popular. These promotional products are extremely easy-to-make and highly customizable too. All you have to do is decide what you want to put up on the pins and badges, find a promotional product manufacturing company in Yukon, and you are done. Within a few days, you’ll get your bulk order. You can select of you want magnetic badges or badge pins; these are available in countless types

3) Sports Equipment

When we say “sports equipment,” we don’t mean cricket bats and hockey sticks; we mean basic sports equipment, tools, and accessories. You can give away promotional products like wrist bands, whistle keychains, stress-buster balls, caps, bandanas, and small sports accessory mimics when you organize sports-like activities and events. Apart from using these promotional products at all the activities that you organize that require physical work, your participants will use them during events otherwise, too. That’s when other players and sportspersons will see your YMCA establishment’s logo and name. And just like any other promotional products, these sports-related products will work wonders for you.

4) Bags

Bags and related items always work as amazing promotional products, irrespective of the type of event or theme. You can customize backpacks, tote bags, sling bags, messenger bags, satchels, wallets, or pouches with your establishment’s name, logo, or even the tagline. Your participants are sure to carry and use these bags in several places. This way, your brand will get immense exposure to people who aren’t connected to the YMCA directly. You can become a walking source of advertisement for your YMCA establishment.

5) Coasters

Make all the drinkers the salespersons of your YMCA establishment. We are sure all your members love at least one type of drink or beverage, so gift them coasters as promotional products. You can opt for practically any coaster material and personalize it according to your choice. Wood, rubber, silicone, acrylic, plastic, and even glass – these are some materials for you to consider. Thanks to ample space availability, you can print, emboss, or paint anything and everything you’d want on your promotional products. Your members can use these coasters at home or in office and demonstrate your establishment’s name and creativity everywhere.

6) Personalized Care Products

This isn’t a usual thing, but you can surely consider handing these over to your members. You can gift your members and participants skin and hair care items like body lotion, cream, sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner, toner, etc. You can get in touch with a local vendor who specializes in such things. Then, you can customize the labels and package with your YMCA establishment’s essence. Put up logo, tagline, description, and any other information as there is enough space to put all of this up on the bottles and tubes. Your participants will think of you (and thank you) whenever they use the products. And if they share the same with others, it’s a plus point for you.

7) Writing Accessories

When you cannot choose the right promotional products for your YMCA events in Yukon, simply go for writing accessories like personalized pens, pencils, writing pads, and other stationery items. These are the most common and widely used promotional products that establishments and organizations of all sizes use. Customizing and personalizing these products is extremely easy. If you have very limited content to put up on the promotional products, then you must go for these options as they have a very limited area to put up the content. And if you plan to personalize the products with taglines and more information, you can skip this option. And not to forget, writing accessories offer a high degree of customization as they are available in countless options, and the method of printing or personalization is varied too.

The next step should be to find the right company that will design and manufacture these promotional products for you in Yukon. You can get in touch with us as we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of all types of promotional items in bulk. We have everything that you’ll require for a successful YMCA event, right from marketing materials to promotional products.