When you meet someone in a professional setting, it is customary to offer a business card to encourage a follow up on your interaction and to promote a continued relationship. For decades, the business card has been a primary piece of branded promotional material which is accepted in most every business environment. But when youre at a conference or trade show, or even when offering a reminder to existing customers to keep you in mind, is a business card the best option available to you?

Often, professional people can end up with a stack of business cards each so indistinct from another that there might be a drawer where all the cards have been stacked to be scrolled through whenever the need springs to mind. However, there are more customized ways to help get your name and your brand out to the public and it is through promotional products.

Putting your logo and phone number on a customized product creates a unique avenue to celebrate your business in a way that makes the recipient feel like they have been given a gift. The growing number of items available for this type of marketing has broadened the spectrum to help business owners connect with different demographics, depending on the nature of their business or the focus of a specific campaign.

Items like pens, key chains and calendars are popular fare for this purpose. However, new options allow even greater personal expression through products. Now, items like personal LED flashlights, stress balls, travel mugs and more offer businesses the opportunity to speak to their products and services directly through association. For example, a mechanic may offer a keychain that is shaped like a wrench or a brewery may offer a branded bottle opener. Your choice of promotional products should speak to a need that your customers have that your business addresses.

When picking promotional products, you may want to consider that the item you are choosing to personalize has an appropriate association to your business, your branding and your mission. A resort might want to distribute sunglasses or flip flops with their name and logo on them. A therapist might have a stress ball with their branding and contact information on it. Depending on the product you are promoting and the audience that you are seeking to reach, different products may best suit your needs at various times.

If you have chosen correctly, your product is one that a customer has taken home and has at hand, perhaps it is something that they use on a regular basis. Items like fridge magnets, key chains, or computer mouse pads may get daily use, thus daily visibility and serve to always keep you visible and in mind to your customers.

If youd like to check out the wide variety of Edmonton promotional products that are available, we encourage you to visit us at Laser Screen Printing & Embroidery and review the selection of products that will help you put your name and a sample product into the hands of people in your trade area. Let us help you create the product that will become a daily reminder to customers to inspire repeat business and attract new clientele.

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