Nothing expresses your gratitude for your staff quite like a thoughtful gift that reflects your appreciation for your efforts. At Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery, we have been helping Edmonton business owners to reward their staff with meaningful gifts with a personal touch.

When thinking about what gifts you want to share, think about practical, useful items that are handy enough to be used often. For best results, don’t just issue one gift to every person with a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, look at items that allow for smaller quantities on minimum orders to allow for an assortment of items that expresses a personal touch and recognition that your team has a life beyond their careers.

Do you need some ideas of popular promotional products that will be well-appreciated and can be personalized with your brand? Take a look at some of these choices when considering gift-giving for your team this year.

Think portable tech

In today’s society, we are increasingly connected to our mobile devices which have become an all-in-one resource for communication, entertainment, and a growing number of functions to help us manage our lives, homes and schedules. In this environment, handy products such as travel tech packs are popular, incorporating chargers for both car and office as well as headphones for convenience on the go. This gift, present in a logo’ed carrying case ensures that your team has what they need when they need it, and they are reaching for you to keep them connected and fully charged every time.

Similar gifts along this product variety include USB hubs that allow for connection of multiple devices to one another, mobile/solar chargers and other tech-inspired promotional products that represent cutting edge trends and are sure to be coveted by all.

Branded cooler bag

The versatility and adaptable design of the branded cooler bag has resulted in an increased number of these types of products on the market. Handy for transporting cold drinks while on personal outings, you can connect your brand with positive experiences and lasting memories away from the office. Wherever your employees are enjoying fellowship over a cold one, your logo can be in the middle of the scene. You may even find that because of the handy sizing of these cooler bags that they may also be practically used as a handy lunch bag for your staff members.

Logo’ed duffels and travel bags

For weekend getaways and short leisure travel, the gift of an embroidered or screen printed travel bag encourages your employees to get out and have their own adventure. Whether it’s for a quick overnight business or personal excursion, or for a longer trip, we all need luggage at some point, and this gift helps to fill that need. This choice is becoming so popular for not only employee gifts but as well as promotional products for customers that the selection continues to grow – ranging from laptop cases and backpacks to wheeled carry-on luggage for more significant journeys or when an increased capacity is needed.

Sport bottles and custom tumblers

For the employee that is always on the go, or even for handy use at home or the office, sport bottles and tumblers with accompanying lids and straws are a popular choice for gift giving. From water bottles that easily clip to a backpack to stainless steel tumblers that are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, this is a gift that is practical for most everyone on your team. Issuing re-fillable sport bottles and tumblers also promotes a green workplace with a reduction in disposable and one-time use cups and drink containers and that can have a positive impact in multiple areas of your business operation and social culture.

Photo Frames

You may overlook photo frames as impersonal gifts, but that dismisses the versatility of what you’re offering. With a magnetic frame featuring your logo, your brand becomes a fixture in the hub of every home on the refrigerator. Often placed in a highly visible location where it will be seen often by all, your brand can frame up one of your employee’s most treasured photographs or hand-made art project from a youngster.

Wooden and metal standing frames offer an invitation for your staff to bring a little more of themselves into the workplace, proudly sharing photos of their loved ones on their desk. It helps to personalize your staff member’s work space as well as giving them a visual connection to the people and/or pets that matter most to them. Other variations of a standard photo frame increase the functionality with the addition of features such as cell phone stands which ensure that the item will always be readily at hand.

Custom chocolates

Tasty treats are often a welcomed gift and with the ability to personalize chocolate bars and trays with your company logo and related imagery, this option has never been sweeter. Express your appreciation and remain a visible presence as it is enjoyed by all. There are a growing number of selections in the creative confections realm to explore depending on the volume of your order and how imaginative you want to get with this product offering.

Your personalized chocolate may be packaged to be enjoyed by a single recipient, or developed as a party platter which can be shared by your entire staff.

The classic wrist watch

Wrist watches are often associated with retirement – but we wonder who came up with that idea anyway. At the end of your career, you may find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, so let’s track that with a time piece on your wrist?

A reliable and durable time piece can be a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone on your team. It offers functionality as well as serving as an understated accessory for your employees both personally and professionally. Available in men’s and ladies styles, this gift may be well-received by those who have come to consult their mobile device to check the time.

Celebrate your social butterflies

We work in order to live, not live in order to work. If you’re looking for a gift that encourages your workplace social planners to enjoy entertaining in their personal time, there are a number of gift assortments that offer personalization to ensure your brand is featured at the party.

You can purchase embossed and logo’ed leisure products that keep your brand at the table in your staff’s social circles with offerings such as wine cooler bags, four-piece wine sets, and even a combination cheese board and wine set. Are there members of your team that love to entertain and regularly host get-togethers? This might be an ideal gift for them.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg …

While we are here to help with Edmonton promotional products and gifts for a variety of purposes, ultimately, you know your team better than anyone. Consider the personalities and lifestyles of your team members to choose the best gift that is as individual as that staff member. In gift giving, they say that it’s the thought that counts – so you want to ensure that what you have chosen for your staff reflects that you did take some time to consider the recipient of that gift.

We have just what you’re looking for

Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery is here to help you find the right gifts to express gratitude and appreciation for your employees. Working with a wide variety of top suppliers across the country, we can find the products that will meet your expectations while observing your available budget. Give us a call or drop in to see us in person to share your ideas for gift giving that is sure to be met with enthusiasm. We can show you items in stock in our showroom and also share the catalogs of suppliers to illustrate the latest products, emerging trends, and top sellers that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today.

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