Every startup wants a big push out to the public for awareness to help build their growth quickly. Branding is the way you build an identity for your startup fast. Startups usually focus more on attracting investors and hiring individuals and do not always prioritize branding and design. But, branding helps your startup establish an emotional connection with your audience right away. They quickly learn to identify your logo, name or message with your brand purpose. An impactful and quickly identifiable association with your company and branding can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you in awareness.

When we talk about branding, it is not limited to the logo and name; it goes beyond that. Your website, business cards and product packaging make a big difference in bringing out your brand identity. Here are few branding tips for your startup.

Your Logo

Designing the logo of your company is the first and the most important aspect of branding. A logo defines the ideology of your company, its purpose and message that outlines your value to your customers. So, design a logo that imitates your brand’s personality or your vision. Use a professional graphic designer to help you create a logo. The professional eye of a designer and their years of experience cn be invaluable during the design process and prove to be ultimately cost effective.

Your Website

Customers are likely to look for your company on the internet to learn more about you. Your website also needs to give clear and detailed information to make someone want to choose you over a competitor. If your web design isn’t attractive, or the user experience on the website is cumbersome and difficult to navigate, people will leave the site quickly and are less likely to return. Choose a web design company recommended by someone you trust or do your due diligence to find a company that can deliver what you need. You decide how important the investment is, but it is highly advisable to stay clear of a self-made website unless you are skilled and experienced in the process.

Your Business Cards

You need to market your startup wherever you go and to as many people as possible. So, how do you plan to make them remember you? Leaving them a well-crafted business card that clearly outlines who you are, what your business does or represents and how easily you can be contacted, is the best and primary way to leave a potential future customer, investor or partner with the best chance to remember you and contact you in the future. There are many options today for business cards that stand out with embossing, different paper weights, die-cut shapes and some that can be folded in 3D, as another way to stand out from the traditional and less interesting options of times past.

Consider standing out with any one of these options that you can discuss with our staff and designers to bring out the best and most interesting aspects of your business and startup.