Though the whole world is moving towards digitization, traditional brand marketing has still not gone out of style. Digital marketing may have taken businesses by storm, but offline marketing and promotions still rule. From print advertisements to promotional products many traditional marketing tools turn out to be sales generating and profitable. In this article, we’ll take you through some brand marketing trends that can do wonders for your brand promotions.

Business Cards

Business cards are the most common way of promoting a business. It typically has essential contact details that allows you to connect you and your company in the eyes of the person you give it to. However, just having your contact information on the business card isn’t enough. People tend to build an opinion about the brand by looking at the business card itself. You may want to consider using ways to transform your business cards to make it stand out. For instance, you can make it a multi-purpose card, such as a bookmark or a note card. You can also add your picture, or use heavier paper, rounded corners or some special shape for the card so that customers.

Utilize Promotional Products

Promotional products help you grab the attention of your audience and take your brand to places in ways other advertising methods can’t. It is a cost-effective means to reach out to your customers. Promotional products like mugs, caps, t-shirts, and more stay with people for a long time and they remember your company when they come across it. This marketing strategy is widely accepted by established global players to attain more sales with less investment. From startups to big enterprises, promotional products are a business’ favorite marketing tool.

Product Presentation and Packaging

Revamping the packaging and presentation of your products can make a difference as well. Now and then it is a good idea to refresh your image. For instance, some companies have revamped the packaging and presentation of their products to refocus their strengths, re-introduce a new product to their market or re-launch a product to open newer avenues for expansion and progress. Make sure your brand packaging and design is appealing enough to grab attention.

Trade Shows Displays

Trade show displays are another great way to market your brand to a large audience. Trade shows offer a great platform to showcase your products and to form connections with other big players in your industry. Get creative with trade show displays to make your brand stand out among the others.

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