Coffee is usually involved in every social situation, be it a business deal, date, or social meetings. For a cafe owner, this can be great for business and so can branded coffee mugs that keeps your name and logo in front of them.

How about having a fancy design or your café’s logo on the mug to make it more interesting? Whatever you choose, these custom made coffee mugs can be used in various ways to improve brand awareness.

Window Displays

Custom mugs on display can be appealing. The best thing you can do is use some custom mugs for the display of your café. This will attract the customers. It can also be the easiest way to attract the customers without using expensive advertising.

Customer Publicity

Customers can act as the brand ambassadors for your café’s publicity. The interesting and eye-catching design on your mugs will make the customers want to share their experience. They will share pictures of those mugs, or give them away as gifts if they purchased them. This helps spread awareness about your brand and attracts more people to your cafe.


An interesting looking mug is always more fun to drink from than an ordinary and plain mug. May be some coffee lovers might just love the design of your mugs and want to have them at their office or home. Make your mugs available for sale and watch your customers purchase them. Customized coffee mugs as promotional merchandise is a great marketing tool that helps you attract as well as retain customers.

Promotional Gifts

What if a customer wants to celebrate their birthday at your café? This is an opportunity to serve more people and also create an impression that will make them want to visit again and again. Perhaps give them a mug as a gift on this occasion. Don’t forget your employees as they would also love to get promotional gifts like this.

Customers will love the unique designs on the custom made coffee mugs. If you need help creating some, then we are more than happy to help you. All you need to do is get in touch with us at Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery.