Though digital revolution has had a significant impact on brand marketing, the use of promotional products is still in style. It is true that using promotional products is a common marketing tactic. There may be times when you and your competitors may be on the same page of promotional tactics and end up taking the same approach. But, if you are able to add some creativity in your marketing strategies or to your promotional products, then it can help you go a long way. So, here are few ways of using promotional products to market your brand.

Offering Branded Giveaways

The best way to use promotional products is to offer giveaways. It is the most preferred way of using promotional products among brand owners to market their brand. Giving branded products to your customers at company sponsored events and trade fairs is the most effective way to attract attention. These platforms help you interact with your customers and give information about your products or services. You can take it a level up by collecting their email and phone number to stay in touch with them. Apart from this, you can also send your clients branded gifts during special events and other occasions. This will make them remember you.

When it comes to marketing your brand, a digital platform can be of great use. You can offer giveaways to your customers on social media for liking, sharing or following your official page on various platforms. You can also come up with online contests or organize campaigns regularly to boost brand awareness.

While giving away branded gifts is a great way to promote your company, offering quality and lasting products boosts your brand image further.

Using Promotional Products at the Workplace

In the case of marketing your brand, the saying “charity begins at home” can be tweaked to “charity begins at work.” In other words, it would be awe-inspiring if you first encourage your employees to use promotional products at work. Getting them to use promotional products such as branded pens, notebooks, mugs, and other items can help you generate sales from your employees as well.

You can also encourage your employees to wear promotional items like company branded t-shirts to work. Customers are likely to ask about your brand and the services it provides if your brand is visible to them through unique ways. Don’t forget to add a catchy tagline on your t-shirt to catch people’s eye.

Your sales team is a valuable asset. You can promote your brand by rewarding your sales team with promotional products like jackets, backpacks, or caps when they achieve their targets. This will boost your sales crew’s confidence and also help you with advertising.

You can go a little further with your creativity and use promotional products as incentives. On meeting targets or winning an award, gift your employees’ promotional products like wine glasses, headphones, and other luxury items.

And don’t forget your other business relationships. Do you work with suppliers, vendors or other providers in your industry with whom you have a relationship or on-going contact? Consider giving them some of your logo’d products too or offer to sponsor their golf tournament, or even give them gifts during the holidays as a thank you. Leverage every opportunity and think outside the box to delivery personnel, trades you interact with and others.

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