In today’s world, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd if you wish to be seen differently. Similarly, when it comes to marketing your brand, you make your brand look different to catch your customer’s eye. Marketers use various tactics to grab customers’ attention. One of these tactics includes promotional products. Since every promotional product looks similar to the other, how can you make your products stand out? Are you considering custom embroidery but aren’t sure? In this article, we’ll talk about different parameters to help you gauge whether custom embroidery is the right choice for you.

Looks Different!

While most promotional products use screen printing on the fabric of the merchandise, custom embroidery gives an entirely different appearance. Custom embroidery adds a professional touch. It also adds a 3D feel, making it more appealing than a flat image. Using custom embroidery for a name and the logo of the company on the fabric makes them look distinguishable and more attractive.

Lasts Longer

Would you like the logo and name of the company to last longer and not fade away with time? Of course. Because custom embroidery is more durable than other options available and lasts longer without fading and wear, you will stay in your customers awareness longer. The stitching quality is professional grade and has much longer wear with multiple washes and higher heat.


A colorful logo looks more attractive and stays in your customer’s awareness for a long time. Custom embroidery involves a wide range of colorful threads.

However, to make the right choice for your promotions, learning only about the advantages is not enough. To make a better decision, you should be aware of both the pros and cons of custom embroidery.

Though custom embroidery is durable, it is more expensive than something like screen printing. The cost of custom embroidery increases with the increase in the size of the graphic needed and is not ideal for smaller text or logos.
If you decide to have custom embroidered text on your promotional products, test it first to be sure it will be embroidered well enough to be visible and not so small it is indistinguishable.
Custom embroidery looks great but only on thick cloth surfaces. Polo t-shirts, aprons, caps are ideal to be custom embroidered. Inspect the cloth surface properly before you decide to go with custom embroidery.

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