Embroidered Labour T-shirts

Need help choosing the right shirt colour for your construction labourers? It actually depends on the coloured design you’ll have on your embroidered t-shirts. Think of the t-shirt colour as the background for the embroidery on those fabrics. Most construction specialists have the logo of their company embroidered on their t-shirt. Or at the most, they have the tagline or slogan of the company and the name of the individual labourer. In most cases, the matter on embroidered t-shirts is of the same colour. If you plan to have everything embroidered in the same colour, here are some of the best t-shirt colours you can pick for your construction staff.

1) Maroon

The dark red colour is one of the best t-shirt colours for your construction staff for several reasons. The dark colour not only looks appealing but also don’t look dirty or soiled too easily. Moreover, the colour is a perfect backdrop for white, black or most other coloured embroideries. Whether your embroidery matter is monocoloured or involves several colours, maroon is the ideal background colour so that the embroidery looks nice and is easily visible. You can try other variants such as shades towards brown or some shades towards crimson.

2) Navy Blue

Blue is a cool colour. And when you use this colour for your embroidered t-shirts, your staff, as well as the on-lookers, will be pleased to look at the t-shirts. Talking about navy blue, it is a perfect background colour for light-coloured embroidery like white and pastels and also bright hues like yellow and red. So if your company logo and taglines are white or bright-coloured ones, don’t think twice before picking this t-shirt colour. If not navy blue, you can pick another dark blue shade like indigo, blue ink, royal blue, violet, etc. Just make sure that the blues being used have enough contrast so that the entire design will be visible on the shirt.

3) Stone Gray

Just like blue, greys also make popular and soothing t-shirt colours. There are so many types of greys to choose from. We’d suggest you go for any shade between steel grey and stone grey as they all act as a great contrast for black or white embroidery. Not only black and white but grey also looks nice when paired with other vibrant colours. Plus, grey resembles the basic materials of construction – cement, stones, and gravel.

4) Olive Green

Looking for a neutral colour that pairs properly with most coloured embroidery? Olive green can be your choice. This subtle yet exciting colour looks sophisticated when paired with the same coloured bottoms or a pair of black trousers. It’s quite easy for any design, logo, and text to be visible and readable over an olive green background. Moreover, this colour remains cool, which means that working on-site won’t be an exhausting task because of the clothes.

5) Bright Orange or Yellow

Something bright lets people know that people are at work and that they should be careful when around them. Bright colours like orange and yellow not only reflect most of the heat and light but also make the embroidery visible, especially when it’s a dark-coloured embroidery like black, brown, or navy blue. If you go by the colour psychology, these bright colours will keep your construction staff happy, motivated, and excited to work hard.

While selecting the right colour for your embroidered t-shirts, keep the following things in mind.

  • The colour of the t-shirt and also the embroidery thread you choose should be associated with your construction company. In other words, the t-shirts should represent your company so that people can identify your workers and associate them with your company whenever they spot them. The colours we mentioned above are great when you plan to keep your logo in line with your company and not the entire uniform.
  • Avoid selecting a light colour for your embroidered t-shirts. Although your construction specialists will be wearing these t-shirts, someday even they’ll get their hands dirty. And that’s when a light-coloured t-shirt won’t seem like a great decision. Therefore, opt for something dark-coloured.
  • Choose a shade that contrasts with the colours in your embroidered matter will make a strong impact. Always pick a contrasting shade for t-shirt colour.
  • NEVER pick a colour that is the same as the text and logo of your construction company. The embroidered matter won’t be visible, and all your investment will be wasted.
  • When using lighter colours for embroidery threads, be careful of pastel colours such as yellow, baby blue, or light pink. These colours are visible on the shirts, but may not be legible at a distance. Therefore, always have a field of embroidery or border embroidery along the light-coloured thread to make it visible.

Sometimes, certain t-shirt and embroidery colour combinations look more vibrant on a computer screen than they do in real life. This is because computer screens often have filters to make colours appear more vibrant. Therefore, you must always ask for samples of the t-shirt and embroidery thread colour combination that you pick. Either ask your custom embroidered t-shirt company to share samples or previously made t-shirts with you or ask them to make one sample piece of the colour combination you pick. This was, you will get an idea of how the embroidered t-shirts for your construction specialist would look like when they are ready.

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