T-Shirt Styles

Company dress code has always been a dignity, part of post-modern etiquette. Many t-shirt styles come under the business casuals or casuals for people from different walks of life. T-shirt printing is the in-thing for teenagers, young adults, mid-career individuals like security guards, or guards on patrol, among other destined courses. Different styles in t-shirts attract crowds, but here we will consider security personnel.

1) Crew Neck

The most commonly used crew neckline t-shirt sits at the base of the neck of a person, popularized hitherto from trailblazers. The style ranges along with half sleeves and long sleeves. This style suits rounded shoulders for men and women. Men with long, narrow faces look smart in this basic snug wear. The difference between half sleeves and long sleeves is a matter of short and long arms, respectively. A crew of guards can sport this line of products effortlessly because it will create an air of vigour and vitality for the security professionals.

2) Polo Collar

A standard polo neckline, where the collar is attached to flaps on either side within the collar bone is quite a style. The V-neck at the end of the flaps is strewn with some buttons to fasten atop the chest. Golfers made this range famous. Men who are lanky and want something formal to wear look comfortable in the polo style of t-shirts. Women too sport this kind of style. However, the aim in question is the dress code for security officials. The Polo Collar that robust individuals as security personnel can put on will convey a happening security decorum, be it when they are either mobile or on heavy-duty.

3) V Neck

The name is self-explanatory. The V-shape at the neck looks elegant. This type of style can be coupled with an outer shirt, hiding the otherwise a reasonable bit of the body at the upper chest area. It is worn without adorning buttons, making a wear that skilled personnel in safety will wear and look smart. Such a type makes for security guards that are in training or first-hand tactics for on-the-job. The V-necked t-shirt is also called Football Jersey.

4) Henley Collar

This style implies a Y-shape neckline, fashioned with a buttoning placket. The placket runs two to three inches deep and can have between one to five buttons. They are a hybrid between collared neck t-shirts and the crew neck styles. The neckline can be open or closed. Security guards with this formal wear, more formal than round neck or simple t-shirts, can move from smart casuals to urban on-duty outfits. Ralph Lauren promulgated this style in the 1970s.

5) Douche Bag Neck

The neckline also called the Scoop neckline t-shirt style is characterized by loosely hanging cloth over a few inches of a bare chest. The deep scoop neckline flaunts metal chains and politely reveals the chest, even more polite if the crate is neatly shaven. It derives from a V-neck. It can take a turn towards a pioneering step towards ceremonial bonding among security members brothering in their solemn element.

6) Raglan Sleeve

Such a look is ubiquitous as it is a Sports trend-setter. It is equivalent to a unisex baseball tee with a difference. It can sport short and long sleeves. The long-sleeved ones are either full length or three-fourth long. In this attire, security guards can put on this trendy look where they would have participated in tournaments or more adventurous expeditions like hiking, trekking, rappelling, military-type training sessions, and for other role-based purposes.

7) Turtle Neck

A turtle neck-defined t-shirt has` a  choker type neckline, embracing a raised turtleneck. This t-shirt range is not floaty, rather fitting at the base of the neck. A traditional turtleneck stretches from the collarbone down to the lower jaw, and a mock turtleneck t-shirt extends from the collarbone right up till just below the Adam’s apple. Such diligent garbs for security inmates who are on-the-go or on-the-run makes it convenient and at ease for them.

8) Ringer Crew Neck

In this form, the t-shirt has`contrast bands on the sleeve ends and around the neckline. It sports a simply put smart look, with rings of material on the edges of sleeves and necklines. More contemplative themes is a motive on many occasions where it involves meditation, yoga, coaching, for security trips or excursions that call for protection-based grouping, teaming-up clans in security, and guards that are marked for specific programmes that are part of the job.

9) Cap Sleeve

These varieties come with sleeves beyond the shoulders for a few inches only, baring the full arms except for the cap sleeves. These are hackneyed, derived from regular sleeves.

10) Hoodies

Hooded thick-yet-soft pullovers will keep security guards warm during winters. During climes where they have to push snow, or drive cool misty season-based vehicles, this customary attire will suit the frame of security guards.

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