Promotional Product Ideas

With Christmas holidays not far away, small and medium-sized businesses need to be creative with their gifts for employees and professional connections. With competitors turning to the approach of promotional products, businesses need to think of innovative merchandise to be different and interesting than others. If you too are trying hard to select the right promotional products for your brand, then you have landed at the right place  Let’s look at a competitive list of promotional products.

1) Regular And Travel Mugs

Businesses target their employees and customers with great gifts. One such experiment is offering regular and travel mugs as promotional products to their employees with their company logo. At times, a tag line might accompany the company logo. For customers, the branded mugs representing the company can include a promotion to buy one and get the second copy-free. Regular and travel mugs come in a wide array. The mugs can be BPA-free ceramic, aluminum, plastic, and steel. In easier language, BPA-free mugs mean conditioned mugs that are free from harmful chemicals. Mugs in the standard size range include demi mugs, medium bottle-sized mugs, shapely beer-glass-sized mugs, and the like. A business can also offer glassware like a pack of six glasses, bearing the company’s logo.

2) Assorted Chocolates

Businesses can offer an assortment of chocolates for the festive season before the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Sweets items like bonbons, pretzels, cookies, candies, truffles, brownies, fudge bombs, and so on can be packed in gift tins with the company’s brand essentials imprinted thereon. Businesses also roll out an assortment of nuts dipped in honey and other snack bars. Businesses can tie up with confectioneries to produce and pack chocolates for a pleasant and delightful treatise. Caramel and cocoa bars also come in handy gift wraps. Buttercream and chocolate cookies are a warm welcome among different cultures. For Christmas and New Year, businesses tap into tradition and release gifts like Christmas sweets like decorative candy sticks, snowman chocolates with coconut and jaggery, marzipans, and so on. New Year delicacies make their mark too.

3) Wine-Related Tools

Wine bottle openers that can be used for various bottles are offered by many businesses during the festive season but are planned well in advance with labels and logo designs. The entire wine accessory range includes corkscrew, lever, foil cutter blade, wine sippers and pourers, and so on.

4) Bags

Promotional products like tote bags, cooler bags, backpacks, laptop bags, haversacks, and so on are also gifts by businesses to their employees. Such bags come in many styles and functions. Tote bags have side pockets, can have zig-zag handles with emphatic functionality, and come with inner pocket grooves. Cooler bags, on the other hand, are resistant to heat. Tote bags and cooler bags come in the poly-woven fabric as well. Laptop bags that have zippers with solid interlocking functionality. Backpacks and laptop bags are created with padded frontiers and outer-sided buckles for locking and protection of the contents. There is the Hybrid range of bags in different sizes, colours and materials. Rexine and semi-leather bags too are approachable to wield as a business deems fit for gifting according to their revenue allotments. Laptops, iPads, tablets, portable hard drives, etc. are all cushioned against external elements in the Hybrid range of laptop bags.

5) Blankets

The cold climate and Christmas and New Year holidays coinciding with the atmosphere, blankets are the snug complimentary deal. In different colours and materials like fleece, animal fur, faux lambswool, flannel, cotton, and so on, blankets make for optimal giveaways. Reversible blankets are comfy and ideal for the winter. Businesses can gift such cozy and luxurious bedliners with their brand name and offer such a plush extravaganza for their employees. Gifting winter attire like pullovers and jackets and headgear like bean caps and hoods attached to sweaters is another avenue for businesses to consider.

6) Miscellaneous Promotional Products

Torches and handy nail cutters can bring in a host of conveniences that can save time, money, and energy. Custom flashlights and company-centred creative ideas can come together to make gifting a memorable event. Contrast glow flashlights are a gift that many businesses would love their employees enjoy with excitement. Leather diaries and planners are also a great giveaway. Usually, businesses are way more interested in giving these promotional products. Businesses are all about meetings and results. The logging of entries about meeting highlights, memos, pointers, important and essential jottings, inferences, actions, resolutions, and so on, can find a place in custom-designed business diaries and planners. Planners and diaries can also have gusseted holders for pens, keychains, and stationery. Companies and their employees marvel at the craft and carvings in such items. It can be picturesque and at the same time, a blend of conventional and typical planning. Many businesses undertake T-shirt gifting which is good for their business. What better way to stand in the face of customers with a company logo and a powerful brand message.

Holiday promotional products can be explorative for businesses and a discovered fantasy for their employees. A business can conduct a rebranding with promotional products. Holiday and seasonal promotions where businesses also evolve with their promotional products’ ideas should include the latter. Now that you have quite a lot of options for corporate gifting, strike up contact with us in Edmonton. We will be happily obliged to cater to all your promotional product personalization.