Promotional Products for Your Conference

Promotional products are gifts handed over to the people who attend a conference or seminars held by your firm. The promotional products are distributed for the marketing and promotion of your company. In the era of digital marketing, people have forgotten how effective a promotional product can be. The promotional products given at a conference can be received as a souvenir that the attendants may keep with them for long. They may keep them on their desk or use them daily, and that will remind them of your business or firm. The display time here is more than a pay-per-click advertisement. You may also be thinking about what to handover as the promotional products at your next conference. Don’t worry; we are here to provide you with some tips on what you can handover as promotional items.

1) USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive can prove to be very useful for you and the clients you are handing over it to. You can see that USB flash drives are used in every office nowadays. Several gigabytes of files are transported, transferred and stored with the help of flash drive every day. So flash drive won’t be something that they will throw easily. Plus, you will be printing your company’s logo on the flash drive, so when they use the flash drive, they will see your logo and remember your company. Also, you can pre-load each flash drive with your conference material, company portfolio and contact details. So when guests use the pen drive, they will get every material used in the conference in case they missed something.

2) Phone Loop Accessories

Phone loop accessories being distributed as promotional products are something that cannot be overlooked by the guests at conferences. Phone loop accessories can come very handy for every guest. The accessory can be attached to the phones and guests can keep their phones secured around their wrist. It will help them to keep their hands free and will be able to perform various other things with their hands. They can make notes during the conference and have a talk with others. They will also be free to shake hands with others freely. And keeping the phones secure around their wrists means they will be able to reach their phone easily for any calls or text messages.

3) Pens

Pens are one of the classic promotional products to giveaway at a conference. Although pens are not as great and unique as other souvenirs, they pack a lot of promotional power. Pens are one of the most cost-effective promotional products. When you buy pens in bulk, you get special discounts from some companies. So look out for that if planning to buy pens. Pens are available in the market with various styles and types. You can opt one and as you know, pens are easily customizable so that you can print your company logo on the pen. It is very helpful for guests as they will jot down notes during the conference.

4) Pads and Notebooks

Pads and notebooks will be one of the best souvenirs that you can present to the guests. Throughout the conference, it will be helpful for the guests to note down any notes they want to. You can also present pens along with the notebooks it will become very convenient for the guests. Pads and notebooks are cost-effective too, you can also get a special discount on them if you buy them in bulk. Notebooks and Pads are available in various shapes, colours and sizes to choose from. You can select one that matches the most with your company profile.

5) Tumblers and Sports Bottles

Tumblers and sports bottles are also classic promotional products, just like pens. Tumblers and sports bottles will be widely used as such guests can use it to store cold water to hot beverages. Even they look very attractive to the eyes. You can place your logo on the tumblers and sports bottles, so whenever the guests use the bottle to drink, the logo will catch their attention. This will surely make your company unforgettable for them. When planning to give tumblers and sports bottles, you have two types of variations to choose from that is stainless steel and plastic. If you are on a tight budget, then you can opt for BPA-free plastic bottles. But if you have a high budget, opt for stainless steel bottles. Both kinds of bottles will make a good impression.

6) Branded Clothing

You can give the guests your branded clothing like t-shirts, hats, or jackets. Any one of them will work. Because no one is going to regret receiving free clothing. This option is one of the safest ways to promote and accomplish what you want to. Guests will happily take the clothing back home; you have to print your logo on it. Whenever they wear a t-shirt or cap, your printed logo will be displayed to people and will tell them about your company’s existence.

7) Bags

Bags will be very useful promotional products to give your guests. No one is going to regret a bag too. The bag can be made of any material a backpack, duffel bag, or paper bag. The bag comes handy for everyone. Guests will be able to use it when they travel to carry luggage. Either you can use it when going for shopping. Here too, you need to print your company’s logo on the bag so that it can be promoted amongst the people.

Now, whenever you want to hold a conference in Edmonton, you can use these promotional product ideas. These are such promotional products that your guests will receive happily and also give you an amazing display. You should always print your company logo on the promotional products because displaying your logo will only increase your reach and sales.