Whether to commemorate a special occasion, identify a team, or just to celebrate first nations culture, few choices are able to immortalize a moment and share it with others as well as customized apparel. Quality clothing helps not only to create a sense of community when friends and family convene, but it also serves as a conversation starter to share your story and your experiences with all that you meet long after the event has ended.

Identifying a Community

It could be a sports team, a traditional dance or drum team, or even to honor a whole community. Custom apparel can help to establish a distinct and identifiable image which signifies a proud legacy. For personal branding or promotion of a distinguished segment of our communities, we can honor our citizens with a customized look that considers not only the style of clothing, but also color schemes, imagery and a variety of finishes that effectively represent those who wear it and what they represent.

For Special Occasions

Whenever our first nations people come together in celebration, you can capture that memory and encourage people to share the word for future events with custom shirts, jackets and hats that participants wear with pride. The friendship and lasting memories live on and help to spread the word to all who missed it to ensure that they plan to be there the next time the event is held. Pow-wows, sports tournaments, drum competitions and more can all be celebrated through clothing that tells the world “I was there, and you should have been too.

A Celebration of Culture

The symbolism and intricacy that has defined first nations art has generated widespread appeal across Canada and around the world. It’s not difficult to see why. With the stories and legends from our elders woven into the imagery of each piece, the work of first nations artisans has done a great deal to bridge an awareness of generations of culture and history to the present. Communicated through multiple mediums, first nations art features many textures that have been essential pieces of our proud history.

Given the growth in visibility and popularity across North America including adoption in the mainstream for tourism and marketing agencies and even professional sports teams, the development of apparel which features first nations designs and infuses its influences presents even greater opportunities to expand the reach of culturally significant messages to an enthusiastic public audience. For many, the purchase of authentic regalia provides a means to demonstrate support and respect for history and tradition, not only among first nations but also other races who embrace the culture.

The Possibilities are Endless

With the latest innovations in screenprinting and embroidery, the choices available to customize your brand look are virtually limitless. Now, the precision of sharp and intricate images, as well as subtle color shifts within a design can now be accommodates like never before. This ensures that your clothing will pay proper tribute to the original design and will be worn proudly by all. Also, the choice between raised embroidery and a smooth screen printed image serves to give the customer an individual approach to their apparel that is unique and will set them apart from the crowd in any setting.

Do you have an event or a group that you want to celebrate through clothing? Our experienced team is interested to learn about your vision and make recommendations on everything from product to design to bring your concept to life. For all of your first nations apparel needs, get in touch with us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

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