In hundreds of years of fashion, few innovations have exploded in the manner that the modern t-shirt has over the past three generations. Originally developed as an undergarment, the relaxed collar of the t-shirt has become a symbol of casual and carefree approach to life as compared to the button-down shirt and tie image that had previously been the trademark of the successful man. Combine that open collar revolution with the opportunity to express support for a slogan, an ideology, a brand and the result is one of the most exciting and innovative means for companies to ensure that their product seeps into every corner of public consciousness. Add to that the reality that the unisex design of the t-shirt also makes it an appropriate garment choice for women and children and you can readily identify the potential for the t-shirt to spur a marketing revolution.

Originally used as standalone apparel by the military, branded apparel became an acceptable staple of informal attire in the armed forces. Soon, the trend carried over onto the silver screens of Hollywood and a phenomenon was born. In the decades since, we have seen some of the most creative custom t-shirts used for marketing almost everything. From humor to social expression, t-shirts have provided an opportunity for the public to self-identify and communicate non-verbally whether to show their association as the member of a crowd, or alternately to challenge convention.

However, while the world is now moving about like a sea of mobile billboards, interacting with other consumers in every aspect of their daily personal and professional lives, the t-shirt has emerged as one of the most affordable and dynamic means for brands to expand their visibility. In Edmonton, custom t-shirts are available to promote sports teams, pop culture imagery, corporate identity and for a variety of causes where visibility counts.

Clever branding can help the public associate your brand with a color, a slogan, an image and it can all be driven by other members of the public who subliminally influence the purchasing behavior of others. Some buyers may select your shirt for the amusing or flattering slogan which they can get behind, the connection to a specific brand may be secondary. However, in the process, your message is reaching new audiences that may not have been accessible through traditional marketing means.

When considering your custom t-shirt to sell your brand, the options for colors, imagery, font size and color, inclusion of logos and even the available sizes that you will offer to the public all speak to the demographic that you’re interested to capture. In Edmonton, our team can help you identify the latest trends, popular colors and the shirt styles that will best help you convey your message and develop the connection with the public at large that you’re looking for. Do you have a provocative slogan? Do you need to present a simple embroidered logo, or a detailed screen printed image? Do you want to engage people directly upon approach, or passively as they see the message upon departure? The sky is the limit with today’s choices in custom t-shirts.

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