Few venues present the opportunity to engage with customers in an active and electric atmosphere in the way that you will find in a trade show environment. However, while access to expose new customers to your product and company affords the immediate gratification of a personal connection, there is an urgency to trade shows like no other professional setting. It’s not simply about having a product that fulfills an urgency public need, in the show floor, you are competing with every other vendor at the event to attract and hold attention. Registering for a trade show is not a step to take lightly as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Getting Noticed

It’s important to remember that trade shows attract newcomers as well as seasoned marketers who are representing established brands. To set yourself apart from the pack, your booth needs to be visually compelling. What do you bring to the event that will cause patrons to slow down or stop? Once you’ve got them curious, you can better capitalize on their attention to make your pitch.

Depending on your product, you may be able to bring a popular model or unveil a new product line that gives trade show attendees a sneak peak. But, for someone to commit to learn more, the presentation of your display plays a large role in illustrating your professionalism and credibility. First, you want to think about the banners and graphics that represent your brand. Do they grab the viewer? Have you incorporated imagery which showcases your product or symbolizes the customer’s needs? Think about a banner or backdrop for your booth that reflects your brand. You may also consider table cloth for your table which displays your company name and logo.

Aside from your booth, it is important that your staff at the event are presenting the most professional image possible. For the duration of that event, they are the face of your brand, so it is important that they can speak articulately about your product. However, if they aren’t dressed for success, the public may never hear their message. Branded apparel and a crisp appearance helps to set the tone for all that visit your booth to learn more about you and your product.

Lasting Impressions

At a trade show, you may only have a minute to make a connection. With so much to see and examine, you may not have the time to really explain all that you have to offer. However, you do have an opportunity to make an impression that will inspire a follow up from that customer after the event is over.

What token item can you offer the customer that will leave a lasting impression and compel them to follow up? There are a variety of promotional products available to send home with the event patrons you meet that go beyond the simple business card or traditional pen. The choices available to a business owner now aren’t just limited to notepads and pens … but instead an array of selections that are as personalized as your taste. Think about what promotional product best speaks to the nature of your business. Playing cards? Magnets? Shot glasses? Stickers?

It’s important that whatever you choose sets you apart from every other vendor on the floor. Consider what you can offer which is unique and memorable … and possibly useful to the customer in their professional or personal life that may inspire further discussion.

Find Out the Latest Trends

Because you don’t want to find yourself trying the same approaches as your competitors, this is where engaging a team that is in the business of promotional products can best help you. Find out the latest trends in marketing products and what the hottest emerging products are. Find yourself ahead of the curve as an early adopter of new product lines that support your brand message. We can offer the best advice possible on the types of items that you may want to consider and help you to steer clear of those which may be saturating the market and leave you lost in the shuffle.

A successful weekend at a trade show can open new revenue streams for your business and create new leads for months to come. So it’s important to remember that you will redeem from your investment what you put into it. Plan ahead for your upcoming trade show from the appearance of your display to the dress and deportment of your staff. Think about the products for sale and promotion that you’re there to market and how they will best achieve your goals. If you have questions as you prepare for your upcoming trade show, our experienced team is available to help bring your vision to life in all aspects of your marketing program. Let’s talk about how we can best help you.

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