Over the past two generations, we have seen incredible growth in the use of personal apparel to communicate with one another both directly and indirectly. Has there ever been a more effective means to inject your message to a wide audience than through the a striking and memorable custom t-shirt? Never in history has apparel carried as much power to convey a message as we have experienced with the t-shirt. Used to communicate personality, support a brand or celebrity, to express humor, or to create a sense of team, few advertising vehicles are as versatile as a custom t-shirt.

The great thing about t-shirts is that they can be implemented at both ends of a marketing strategy. First, for your employees and staff, a professionally embroidered or screen printed t-shirt can promote either your corporate brand and create a consistent familiarity with your audience or to inspire conversation when you are looking at highlighting a specific promotion or sale. On the flip side, if your brand has inspired passionate customers that believe in your mission and want to help spread the word, a cleverly designed t-shirt specific to your audience can help to introduce your brand and your message to audiences in ways that traditional advertising never could.

When you are considering developing an image for your business in Edmonton, t-shirts may present some exciting possibilities for you. First decide whether these are going to be worn by staff or ambassadors of your brand, or if they are for the public whether as promotional giveaways or for purchase. Because a t-shirt campaign is about representing your brand, you will want to be sure to de-lineate between those folks that wear your logo that have a direct connection to your product or service, and those who may not speak articulately about your company, but can represent the customer experience to others.

Color choice is important. You want to stand out from the crowd, but you also want a strong image that speaks to your reputation in your industry. There have been studies conducted about the impact of color on buyer attitudes. For example, yellow is considered to be a color associated with optimism and youthfulness, red is believed to increase heart rate and create urgency, while blue creates the impression of trust and security. What feeling are you trying to inspire with your customers and new clients that you wish to attract?

Style can be just as important as color in your appeal to your demographic. You may also want to consider your audience when selecting the models, designs and sizes of your t-shirts. Is a v-neck collar preferable to your clientele and compliment your image more than a traditional rounded collar? Maybe your target audience isnt a t-shirt crowd, but a hooded sweatshirt or a collared polo shirt offer the better reach for your message.

When you have a vision for your t-shirt campaign, the next question you may have is whether to embroider or screen print? At Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery, we have been helping Edmonton marketers, sports teams and more to identify the right solution at a price that agrees with their budget. Our team would be glad to help you design a custom t-shirt that reflects your vision.

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