In business, the standard currency for communication in most professional and social settings is still considered to be the classic business card. Even in the modern era of technology where we can reach out to our contacts electronically, the exchange of business cards is still recognized as a required gesture to build rapport when we first meet new clients and contacts in the workplace or at a trade show.

But, if you have ever attended a large conference or trade show where you made dozens of contacts with new people, what you may find is that the stack of business cards you have collected starts to become an indistinguishable pile of names, phone numbers and contact information that all seem to blend together.

Through the exchange of a simple business card, what can you do to ensure that you will stand out from your competitors when they take your card? Is there anything you can do to elevate your first impression from the very issue of that item of social currency? Here are five clever hints to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Remember you’re Working with a Visual Medium

Yes, you will pay more to be a little artistic with your card, but this is an investment that will pay off if you are strategic.  Look at the business cards that have been handed to you during your career. Which ones stand out the most? Consider the use of bold colors, images, and create a card that grabs the reader’s attention. Steer clear of the boring white background and black font and incorporate your brand and logo. A double sided card allows you to present a stronger visceral image on the front and dedicate the reverse side for your name and contact information.



Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Re-enforce the interaction that you have with your contacts by putting your own headshot on your business card. This can help the visual learners among your new contacts to more readily remember where and when they met you when you follow up at a later date. You see this commonly with realtors and financial advisors as putting your face out there to the public helps to build credibility and trust with your clientele.

Preview your Specialty/Philosophy


Do you have a unique approach to your trade that resonates with your current clients? Don’t be afraid to be bold and include that vision as part of your card perhaps as a brand image, or included as a thought or text bubble on the front of your card accompanying your photo. What do you represent in your industry? Why should clients put their faith in you? Include that verbiage on your card and it can be a very powerful draw for the people that you meet who share your values and vision.

Think Beyond the 2×3


In a world that is saturated with millions of standard two inch x three inch business cards, don’t find yourself in a position where you feel that you need to fill in the blanks on that traditional rectangle.  Take the opportunity to experiment with other shapes even a subtle change can mean the difference from someone accepting your card and jamming it into their pocket without looking at it or taking a moment to focus on what you have just presented.

Why can’t your card be in the shape of a square or an oval if that better communicates how you’re different from your competitors in the field? You may want to consider that someone who maintains a large directory of business card contacts will want to slot this into a standard business card rolodex or binder so if you can still accommodate the slot for the cards that others are issuing, that may have the best chance of being retained over the long term.

Consider your Industry


Ultimately, the look and feel of your card may come down to the type of industry that you’re in. An As part of a larger corporate environment, the brand standards may already be established that allows for very little flexibility. A However, as an entrepreneur, or as the brand manager for your firm tasked with finding new ways to creatively engage the market, your field may influence the design of your business card. A trucking industry business card might be a fold over card that includes the look and shape of a truck in your fleet, a greenhouse might offer a card that doubles as a sample pouch for seeds as a gift to new contacts, or in the hospitality industry promoting your night club or restaurant, you might consider a business card that bears the appearance and shape of a coaster. A There is literally no limit to the creative direction that business owners are taking with their cards from photographers that have developed a transparent card that appears like the view through a camera lens, or a home builder that has brought their brand to life with the silhouette of a home as a fold over format, showing the yellow glow of the flipside of the card through the windows.

We have Just what you’re Looking for


At Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery we have helped individuals and companies to create the unique look they are looking for in Edmonton with their business cards. A Working with a wide variety of top suppliers across the country, we can find the products that will meet your expectations while observing your available budget. A Give us a call or drop in to see us in person and let’s explore what’s happening in your industry and how we can contribute to helping you deliver a dynamic first impression that is sure to be remembered. A From concept through to the printing and delivery of a stunning card right to your hand, we guarantee that you’ll be excited to get out in front of new clients and put your card in their hand. A Call us today.

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