You want your customers to think fondly of their interaction with you and the quality of both the products and services that you have provided them.  How will you maintain that relationship?  You’re certainly not going to call up those customers on a weekly basis and shoot the breeze.  What if there was a way to ensure that they were regularly reminded of you and in a manner that allowed them to share their positive experience with others?

The ability to do that is within your reach when you incorporate the use of promotional products into your marketing strategy.  With the wide variety of items that are available, you can even customize what you have to offer to set yourself apart from the pack and reinforce your brand at the same time.

Think about your Core Business

What is it that your company provides?  Do you provide personal or business solutions for people on the go?  Then think about what other needs that travelers might have that allow you to further become a part of their daily lives.  For the busy traveler or commuter, a travel mug or water bottle might be an essential piece of their everyday equipment.  You could further expand upon your rapport with that customer by issuing a branded drink container that they will see and use every day.

The same principle can apply to any business.  If you are in the business of outdoor leisure – perhaps as a camping outfitter, a recreation vehicle dealership or even a manufacturer of back yard fire pits, a great item to add value to your customers might include a durable camp chair with your logo to demonstrate the complete package of services that are offered by your firm for those who actively enjoy the outdoors.  Your logo and name on the back of the chair or arm rest becomes a conversation starter and an indirect referral to others to explore how you stand out from your competitors.

What do you Know about your Customers?


Besides patronizing your business, what other common traits do your customers have that might create an idea for a valuable promotional product that would be appreciated by as wide an audience as possible?

For students or working professionals, a portable memory stick or an external hard drive might be an essential piece of kit that they use every single day.  To attach your name to the work files and personal data that they hold most dear might ensure that you are putting your brand in front of their eyes daily.

How do Customers Typically Connect with you?


Don’t forget that while you are issuing a promotional product to a customer that knows about you, as they spread the word directly or indirectly, they are going to cross paths with customers that you haven’t met yet.  When customizing your promotional products, be sure to include the main methods of contact.  That might be a phone number, your business address, a website address, or information on your social media page for them to seek out for further information.  What’s the point of putting your name out there if you aren’t helping people to easily get in touch?

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