When you are looking for an effective vehicle to help promote your brand without breaking the bank, the first option to consider should be promotional products. With a wide variety of products from the practical devices that will be used in the home or office every day to the unique conversation starter that creates an immediate association with your business, promotional products offer a slate of options that are as individual as your own tastes. Here are some great reasons you should be thinking about including promotional products in your marketing strategy:

Your Customers and Employees become Brand Ambassadors

Let’s face it, as active as you are in promoting your business in person and through all of your marketing channels, you can’t be everywhere. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool, so putting a clever item in the hands of your satisfied customers can lead to them talking about their experience with others and driving more traffic through your door. Additionally, encouraging your staff to freely distribute items over the counter when potential customers come into your store, even if they are just browsing, will help to create a favorable first impression and probably a second visit to make a purchase.

Your Brand name and Phone Number are now Readily at Hand

One of the biggest challenges that any business has is ensuring that their message is hitting home with their customers. Will they retain that flyer they received in their mail box? Will they remember the ad they heard on the radio while driving to write down the info when they next stop? Everyone loves a free gift and a promotional product is more likely to be in the home where it is seen every day, perhaps even on a product that gets used by everyone in the home on a regular basis.

Promotional Items keep you top of Mind and can be a Great Conversation Starter

Consider the impact when colleagues are talking about their collective successes over the past year and are mentoring others to achieve the same success. Those professionals that have used your services can readily point to your business as a provider they have had success with in the past. The right item, placed on a desk top can be a curiosity that begs further explanation or discussion and before you know it, your business is on the tongues of a room full of business people that may be in the market for your services.

Look Around your Own Home. What do you see?

If you’re still not convinced of the power that promotional products have to find themselves into the homes and offices, take stock of the products that are in your own home. Maybe you have a wall calendar from the local insurance agency or financial institution, perhaps a local plumber is affixed as a magnet on your refrigerator. Whose pen do you have in your desk drawer? Chances are a quick search around your own home or office will reveal dozens of businesses and brands that you didn’t realize.

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