Let’s face it, in a city of over 800,000 like Edmonton, building brand awareness to become a household name to the customers that mean the most to you can feel like a formidable challenge. There is a lot of competition within your industry, but there is also a pull on consumer attention from a variety of other influences as well. Promotional products can be used as an effective means to reach your audience in an impactful way that will create a connection and start to establish your brand presence in the market.

When you consider your investment in promotional products that will have the desired result, here are some of the criteria to consider:

Advertising Current Services


There are thousands of promotional merchandise items available on the market, but consider which ones best associate to the current line of products and services that you offer. If you are a firm that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, probably your message isn’t best conveyed on a logo’ed ashtray. What is it that you do and who are your primary customers? Those two questions might help you to identify a promotional item that best aligns with your brand to ensure rapid association.

Marketing a New Service or Product


The expansion of your business to present new products and services to your clientele presents a great opportunity to develop a promotional products. Issued in step with the launch of your marketing strategy, these products serve to create an immediate awareness of something that you hope to become known for. Especially if you have established your business in the community and are well known for a specific type of service, putting a product in a client’s hand expresses a personalized invitation to give you a try in your new business line.

Remind Customers of What You Do


One of the worst mistakes that someone can make in business is to get comfortable with the notion that previous marketing efforts have ensured that “everyone knows us already”. Marketing is an ongoing function in business, so from time to time, it may make sense to simply remind people about what it is that you do. A promotional item that draws that ready association to your business and your brand is a worthwhile investment.

Build your Reputation in the Community


It could be that your promotional item is an in-kind sponsorship to another community cause or organization that residents are passionate about.  Maybe as a sponsor for the local minor sports team, your logo appears on the magnet listing the season’s schedule.  While only indirectly promoting your own business, you are establishing a connection with an activity that their family is involved with/may be passionate about.  It helps to establish goodwill and trust in your community.

Your Employees become Ambassadors for your Brand


Used in the course of routine business and to establish good will with your potential client base as well as to reward your existing clientele, your employees can feel more empowered to represent the brand by giving away these promotional items. The more voices carrying your message within your market the better.

Ready to get Started?  Are you looking for Ideas?


Whether you have a specific promotion in mind or are curious about what products are available that can help you meet the objectives outlined in this article, we invite you to drop in and see us for your greatest selection of promotional products in Edmonton. Call us, reach us by e-mail or come visit us in our showroom to develop promotional products that will create a measurable result for your brand awareness in the city and wider trade area.

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