If you’re in business, one thing that you quickly discover about your marketing strategy is that you will run out of money long before you run out of creative ideas. Just log onto the internet and you’ll see that there are literally thousands of experts out there each trying to sell the guaranteed sales conversion strategy. The truth is, that the solution you need to grow your business is not complicated, it’s not exclusive to those who subscribe to the latest trends in sales and marketing. It’s as simple as understanding your own product and building relationships with your clientele through the development of branded promotional products.

There are many reasons why countless businesses and brands rely on branded promotional products as a staple of their marketing strategy. If you’re currently considering what your next steps are for your marketing strategy, this may be something that you look to introduce or continue to develop as you build your brand.

An Alternative to Business Cards

If you’ve ever attended a large trade show or conference, the stack of business cards that end up in your pocket by the end of the event can be overwhelming. If you don’t follow up on a lead that you generated within the first 48 hours, as time passes, you may simply find that all names and faces begin to blend together from the experience. Many business owners look to their pocket-sized promotional products as an alternative to the business card which is sure to grab attention and create a more lasting impression.

In some cases, entrepreneurs are looking at a reinvention of their business card itself to ensure that it stands out from the pack. Instead of the traditional white card stock, one might consider using a translucent material, or crafting a card with a different shape (but still able to fit in a standard business card portfolio). Locksmiths may have a card fashioned in the shape of a key or homebuilders might create a miniature foldout home. The possibilities continue to evolve and that expands your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You are one-of-a-kind

Think about your business card as a sample of your product or as a representation of your brand. Suddenly a number of possibilities begin to take shape. With the wide variety of products from the traditional pens, pencils, key chains and refrigerator magnets to customized portable computer drives or other commonly needed devices as part of daily life, you can engage your audience and set yourself apart from your competitors. The promotional items itself can become an ice breaker that starts the conversation that changes the future of your business.

If the nature of your business is an emergency service like a plumber, electrician or air conditioning repair – consider how handy you want your number to be when it’s needed. If it’s likely that customers will be calling from home what products might they keep handy near their telephone or, in the case of a growing number of folks who have discarded their reliance on a landline, the place where they commonly recharge their mobile devices? If you are a company that provides roadside assistance, you’re probably best to go with a product that customers are more likely to keep in their car.

Beyond the First Impression

It’s true what they say that you never have a second chance to make a first impression, but after you have wowed your potential new client with your professionalism, dress, deportment and communicated expertise in your field, a clever promotional product continues to represent your brand with a professional image and it conveys that you have confidence in what you’re selling. This helps to improve the customer’s opinion of your product. And after all, who doesn’t like getting a free gift?

When selecting a promotional item to sport your brand, you should remember that value to the customer is the key to success. It may not be the most inexpensive item mass produced in the greatest volume that ensures your connection to your clientele. Consider the quality, usefulness, and value of your promotional item in the hands of the customer. That is the representation of your value you want to convey should they do business with you.

Customizable by Campaign or Event

If you’ve already been using promotional products and have experienced success, one of the hardest decisions to make is whether to keep producing the items that have been most popular or to innovate and change your promotional item. If you have created an iconic representation of your product that has proven to be popular, you may want to continue with that item, but also consider what happens when you attend the same trade show or conference a year later. Will you have potential clients pass you by because they see the same material and products at your booth and feel that there’s no need to renew the conversation?

Promotional products can be developed for brand representation generally or can be created in smaller quantities for a specific campaign or event with a particular audience in mind. In this manner, branded promotional products become one of the most versatile tools in your marketing kit. Depending on your campaign or focus of your marketing at that time, you may want to consider your target audience – products that appeal to the baby boomers may not inspire the imagination of millennials. If your product is gender-specific, your promotional material and give away items should have a similar appeal.

Increased Brand Exposure

What businesses are discovering is that promotional products have a much longer life expectancy in a client’s hands that a traditional business card, brochure or flyer. While your printed material may be relevant for the next presentation to an administrative team, chances are likely that your printed material may barely make it out of the venue where the event is being held. Promotional products have been proven to be retained for a much longer period, ensuring repeated passive exposure to your name and your brand both at home and at the office. Cleverly developed promotional items can become conversation pieces that allow your clients to become brand ambassadors for your company.

Wil your promotional item be something that a client wants to keep on their desk or in view in their office? Is it likely that they might share it or hand it off to a friend to spread the word about you? These are all things to keep in mind before you make your investment.

Cost Effective Coverage for Mass Outreach

If you consider the cost per impression for print or broadcast advertising, you may be convinced that your options for marketing to the masses are quite limited. If you do find budget dollars to spend in this area, you may be discouraged to learn that the key to successful campaigns through either of these mediums is repetition. The shelf life of a single ad in a local newspaper could be as little as a single day. Did you catch all of the customers you intended through that format? Were they all paying attention? Alternatively, promotional products offer a lower cost per impression and have a longer exposure with your audience than most other advertising channels you can utilize.

In Edmonton and area, Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery has been helping businesses, sports teams and non-profit organizations to create a higher profile and elevate their brand through promotional products. There are several reasons why this continues to be one of the most popular marketing strategies out there, even in the face of emerging and changing technology and online channels to connect with people.

If you have questions about the use of branded promotional items as part of your marketing strategy, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business, your target market and how we might best help you. From information on the latest trends and popular items to identifying opportunities to carve your own trail with an original innovation, we can help you to bring your vision to life.


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