Employees are central to the success of any thriving company, either established or up and coming. Showing employees appreciation ensures that they will not only work hard and with pride but will help to create a close knit yet welcoming community within that workplace. An employee expects to receive a paycheck so give your employees an added perk to the job where they work their day away. Show the people that embody your company that you appreciate them, have faith in their ability to represent your brand, while also promoting your business. All the actions above are achievable through the use of embroidered products and other promotional items as incentivized gifts, a reward for reaching a significant milestone, or just some added thanks for a job well done. The product, given as a gift to an employee, still promotes the company brand similar to product placement in a film. The consumer sees an employee using an item which then becomes the starting point in a conversation about work. The fact that the company whose brand is on the product rewards their employees helps to solidify a real and lasting understanding of the way the business in question operates behind the scenes. The outside perception is now complimentary meaning the positive reinforcement of work-ethic is now concrete and right in front of both employee and client becoming a powerful tool in gaining positive recognition for the company.

Recognition with Reward

Everyone enjoys recognition for hard work. A pat on the back is not always enough so show your employees that you are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to your appreciation and give a quality gift. The more frequently an employee receives this positive response leads to higher job satisfaction resulting in many other productive actions and reactions. It is not practical or even possible to give a raise or extra vacation days once a week or daily, so an employer branded product is another effective way to recognize hard work and give an employee the reward a company wants them to have with more regularity. Employees will see the item that they receive as an example of an employer’s faith in them. People wear uniforms to connect one person to a team or visible unit showing clients, prospective and current, that both employer and employee respect the relationship. Your employees will wear or use this gift as and it will also act as a connection to your company.  The first time the public sees a brand, in any form, matters as it places a certain manner of thinking on all future business interactions. This gift ensures that the good will that you give it with is then relayed through the employee’s willingness to represent your brand with pride.

Embroider your Gratitude, Print your Praise


A company, just like a new book, is always judged by its cover, in other words, a consumer’s first impression is important and will stick with them when dealing with a company. Well-treated employees provide positive first impressions through their daily business interactions as well as within their personal life. People create an extraordinary reputation for an establishment with excellent work ethic yet also through the spoken and unspoken pride they have regarding their employer.

Embroidered and promotional products as an employee incentive is a perk that is extra to or beyond the employee’s earnings. The employee sees this bonus as an unnecessary yet welcome addition to their wages. The various promotional items represent the employee’s hard work and provide them with a physical and possibly personalized product to use with pride. The success of the product as a promotional tool relies on how practical the product is within everyday life. Your company’s specific needs will decide which product or products will quickly reach your audience, and there are many to consider. Choosing an item that is catered to a person’s interests and made with quality ensures the receiver knows they are important. An article of clothing or a blanket can reach a more generalized audience while another person may enjoy an item useful or even central to an individual hobby. Stylize and accent a rain jacket, which, would come in handy with Alberta’s recent rainy weather, with your company specific content adding a finishing touch to quality merchandise. The eye-catching embroidery creates an attractive and intricate personalization that is a pleasure for an employee to wear and that your prospective clients will admire. A logo, text, or another type of image relating to your company are unique, texturized representations of your business’s dedication to your clientele and to the people that represent your expertise within your scope of work.

Show how Important your Brand is to you


Linking your name to quality promotional products shows customers that your brand is important to you and that it should also be important to them. The external presentation of a company taps into the subconscious of any person the business as a whole or an employee interacts with in personal or professional life. These interactions can be as simple as a person telling another they enjoy their work environment or wearing a hat that a passerby decides to read. The products that represent your business are your packaging. Each article of clothing, every piece of promotional product that bares your name is under judgment as soon as someone uses or even sees the product. Your clientele will connect your name with quality. The interaction that people have with these products need to leave a lasting and positive impression. Your benefit doubles when you reward employees with your carefully selected promotional products. You help to increase employee job satisfaction while also further advertising your brand touching more prospects within and outside of your current clientele.

No Risk just the Perfect Reward


We look forward to finding the ideal reward for each of your hardworking employees. The standards that create the foundation of your company are important, and your interaction with the public should reflect these standards. Use the perfect piece of promotional gear to show everyone what makes your business noteworthy.

We invite you to join us at our store, call in to speak with our knowledgeable staff, or peruse our online catalogs to find the items that best suit you. You deserve a good first impression, and we aim to provide you with useful options that your employees will be excited to earn.

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