Trade shows are a unique beast. One could think of it as a temporary mall in that customers go shopping at the mall without really knowing what they want. So when prospective clients are perusing a trade show floor, they obviously have an interest in the overall theme of the event but that does not mean they know what is exactly that they are looking for. This means vendors that might not usually have a presence in the space or even be thought about much can get a chance to demonstrate their value with regards to the specialization of the particular trade show.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Working through the possibilities with the bridal expo fast approaching on October 15th in Edmonton, Bridal Fantasy. Now obviously the theme here is weddings. When one hears the name Bridal Fantasy, or even hears the ads on the radio, what immediately comes to mind? Bridal gowns, specialty cake makers, flower arrangers… and all for good reason! Trade shows will give new bakeries and start up dressmakers an opportunity to rub shoulders with the old guard of these businesses. These sorts of trade shows give new businesses an opportunity to prove they can cut it in the big league. Having a level playing field gives a great chance for the new guys to also feel like local institutions. If your presence and trade show booth system is up to snuff, no one will be able to tell your business just opened its doors for the first time six months ago. And even if they do, they will not care because the presentation of your product coupled with your expertise in the field will close the deal. We help bring ‘em in, you knock ‘em down.

So sure, obviously this sort of event is fantastic for bakeries, dress shops, and florists, but what about everyone else? Just consider the last wedding you were at. Was there music? Then bands, musicians, DJs, even karaoke system renters all have a potential place at this show. Did people only eat cake? What about dinner and snacks? Again, there is no reason huge swaths of catering companies would not be at an event like this. They even have the added bonus of appealing to another sense! The sense of smell is the most tied to memory, so if you can cook up some savory samples, people will hunt you down before even hearing of the product. Keep going. I presume there were suits being worn at this wedding. That means men’s fashion companies. If we are going to be brutally honest, a lot of men can not dress themselves at the best of times so they end up looking like Kramer when it comes time to get in a suit. Why not capitalize on this incredible lack in knowledge by helping them out for their big day? Or even just men who happen to be at the event. Gowns and dresses are sold at these shows, so suits should be too.

We could keep this going forever. Where did you eat at the wedding? Tables? Furniture rental companies have a spot. Furniture selling even. Also location renters or vendors with regards to halls or parks. How did the bridal party get there? Car rentals, limo services, people have skydived into their own wedding. Anyone providing these sorts of services has a seat at the table. How about honeymoons or even the stags and staggettes? Travel agencies, packaged vacations, tourist bureaus, again all of these can and do see business done with weddings.

All these ideas for potential vendors have barely scratched the surface. There are far more if you just go through everything that can possibly have some use in a wedding environment, and someone who fills that niche has a reason to be at Bridal Fantasy. Even if someone shopping for their wedding does not necessarily want that for their special day, they may want you for later. Maybe you make amazing cupcakes that they want for their birthday. Maybe you are a phenomenal tailor and they want you for their kid’s prom. Then, if while racking your brain you can not figure out why you would fit in, there is always the gift registries.

If you do decide to become a vendor take advantage of Laser Screen Printing’s exceptionally made and affordably priced promotional productstrade show displays, and t-shirts. You can get a variety of different products that are all branded with your logo to give away! Make your first impression at the trade show but stay relevant days, weeks, or even years after the trade show is over!

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