The weather is making a seasonal shift that means the end of shorts and flip flops for another calendar year. However, while some may begrudgingly be storing their summer apparel and already commencing their unofficial countdown to the summer of 2018, there is a reason to rejoice as it relates to marketing opportunities for your business.

You see, in Alberta, we are not easily dissuaded from getting outdoors and enjoying the landscape and amenities that our setting affords us. It takes much more than the threat of a windchill factor and a little snow to deter us from maintaining an active lifestyle. What that means for you as a business owner, is that the timing is great to consider branded apparel that is sure to be worn and seen for the entire season.

Whether hitting the slopes, or staying active at indoor or outdoor arenas this winter, your customers share one key need – they need to stay warm. This creates the opportunity to address their needs while embracing winter for its contributions to your marketing strategies.


Once the thermometer dips below zero, few souls are leaving the house without zipping up their jacket to brave the elements. Your brand on their favorite fashionable jacket could ensure that your brand is seen daily for the entire season at work, in social settings, and while out and about running daily errands. Your logo becomes an ever-present companion that can be a conversation starter for your clientele as others marvel at their fine outerwear and wonder where they might find one for themselves.


When the youngsters lose themselves in the thrill of play in the snow, the image of rosy cheeks, runny noses, and just the hint of their eyes peeking out beneath their toque is an image that is sure to be captured and shared to family and friends via social media, text message, and by whatever instant means is available. Your logo could be permanently imprinted as part of that happy memory, placed front and centre on that headwear. Toques, or beanies as our American friends call them, are becoming fashionable by some throughout the entire year, so consider your product selection and your audience for maximum market reach with this choice.

Hand Warmers

Let’s face it, some of us enjoy winter more than others and for those spectators that find themselves on the sidelines or in the stands this winter, maybe you want to consider a “must have” item that is sure to be packed in a hand bag for the day as they cheer on children and grandchildren in whatever activity they find themselves engaged in. A fleece muff, or handwarmer, might be one of the most boasted about items among the parents in the stands – seeking to keep their hands warm through the entire game.


As fashionable as they are functional, we still enjoy a good scarf when the weather turns cold. With options for knitted or fleece products, scarves are a fashion accessory that often stay on even after one’s jacket has come off. Consider your audience and what you are promoting, as this product choice presents opportunities for gender-specific marketing as well as unisex designs that may be enjoyed by all.

Other Specialties

If you are looking to increase your market share among specific winter clientele, consider some of the essential pieces of gear that those enthusiasts need to fully enjoy their sport or pastime. You’ll find that there may be some other avenues that allow you to specifically reach out to that group and provide them with a valuable component which may become a staple of their kit over multiple seasons.

To unlock the full potential of the winter season as part of your marketing and promotions program, we invite you to get in touch with us. We have many ideas about promotional products and apparel that are sure to create the impact you’re looking for. Browse our website for the range of products and services that we offer, but drop in and see us or give us a call so we can fully understand what you’re looking for and how we may best help you achieve your goal.

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