‘First impression is the last impression’

This is especially true when you are representing your brand. Branded shirts, polos, or corporate uniforms speak a lot about your company’s reputation. Since you do not want to risk the first impression you leave on your associates and audience, you need to bring in quality to your brand promotions. This is one of the major reasons why entrepreneurs prefer custom embroidery.

Embroidery is a way of threading your design, whether your logo, name, or a creative image into another fabric. Embroidery looks sophisticated and helps you create a professional brand image. Apart from that, there are various benefits that you can reap from embroidered apparels for your business’ marketing.

Looks Classier

Embroidery adds a textured 3-D touch to your design, giving it depth and making it more attractive than a flat image. Your brand logo and name, when embroidered on your corporate uniforms and shirts, make them look distinguished and professional. Combining different colours when you can helps make it pop and really stand out.

Offers Flexibility

Custom embroidery can be done on many different fabrics. Available materials include cotton, denim, jackets, fleece, sweatshirts, aprons, caps, and hats when using embroidery. While this is true, certain types of embroidery look better on specific materials. You can consult us at Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery for advice on the best material for your embroidery.

Is Durable

Today, digitized machines are used that bring in precision and quality in embroidery. One of the major advantages of quality custom embroidery is its durability. The stitching of quality embroidery is tough and does not wear easily. It withstands heavy laundering and high temperatures. Colors don’t fade and your design stays sharp. In fact, the underlying fabric may wear out before the embroidery does.  While embroidery is a more expensive option than t-shirt printing, it has a longer return on investment.

Adds Uniqueness

A picture, design or graphic can stay in people’s memories longer. You can add the colors you want and design an eye-catching visual. You have full control over the design you choose. So, you can make your embroidered promotional apparel as unique as you want and unique to your message and branding.

If you’re looking for quality embroidery in Edmonton, call us or drop in and we’ll make your brand stand out!

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