Marketing is an integral part of every business, without which you fail to survive in the sea of competition. While this holds true, without an effective marketing approach, you may fail to succeed. Since several businesses may use the same marketing tactics, to gain an edge over the competition, you will have to go off the beaten path and try something different

One of the ways you can do that is by using promotional products. An affordable and efficient method, it acts as a great advertising tool to achieve brand exposure and boost customer loyalty. From pens and custom t-shirts to mugs and uniforms, businesses use various promotional products to grow their reach. Here are various ways in which you can use promotional items to foster business growth:

Empower Employees with Promotional Items

Employees are the most underutilized resource when it comes to marketing. Today, employees have a good reach within the community and are tech-savvy. Who better than them to start with your brand promotions? Let them be the first ones to wear your logo’d gear or use branded products. This serves as a visible reminder to your customers. If your product line includes something that your employees can use on a daily basis, then utilize it. You can hand out promotional items during training or team building events.

Giveaways to Customers

Who doesn’t like things for free? Everyone does, so use this to your advantage. You want your target audience to be aware of your presence and entice them to inquire about your business. Hand over branded products to your customers. Bumper stickers, jackets, t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, diaries, and sunshades are some items to try. Make sure these are useful. While you may giveaway these items to those that come to you, don’t forget the large percentage of people who are still unaware of your brand. Use social media to attract your followers and expand your reach. You can also offer these giveaways on social media.

Promote Your Brand at Trade Shows and Company Sponsored Events

Trade shows are a great place to be for any business to gain exposure, especially because these events can include international associates and customers. One of the best ways to entice the traffic to your booth is to give away promotional items. Make sure you giveaway quality items, which are useful to the attendees. Giving out promotional products at trade shows is a great way to let people and potential associates know about you. If you’re sponsoring a campaign or an event, then its a great opportunity to market your brand. For instance, you can give out team t-shirts with your brand logo printed on it when sponsoring a sports event.

Most entrepreneurs stick to tried and tested marketing strategies and neglect some of these other methods. But in reality, they are affordable in comparison to some other more standard approaches and are well worth the effort. If you’re ready to include promotional products in your marketing plan, then get in touch with us, and we can help you design appealing items to make your brand stand out.

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