A tradeshow is a perfect place to be for your any business. It is an event where you engage with prospective customers and other businesses from your industry. While this is true, attracting people towards your booth amidst a huge number of other businesses can be tricky.  Giving out promotional products can make your presence at a tradeshow more successful.

You can give promotional products as freebies or as gifts for winning some contest or an interactive game. This will keep your brand alive in their mind. To ensure your brand stays in their memory, you need to select gifts that are useful and stay with them for a long time. Let’s have a look at some unique promotional gift ideas that you can offer at tradeshows.

Smartphone Wallets

Unique promotional products that make you stand out can help people recall your brand easily. Smartphone wallets are distinctive promotional gifts that can help your customer recall your brand whenever they are in some trouble. For example, if the customer forgets to carry their regular wallet and they require cash right away, the branded smartphone wallet they received from you will definitely save their day.


You might want to think about wearing branded t-shirts at a tradeshow. Along with that, you may even want to consider offering customized printed t-shirts to the audience at the tradeshow. You can have your logo and brand name along with some creative design to make the t-shirt appealing and useful. You can also have some good quote printed on it that connects with your brand perfectly. Such designs attract customers.  And, your brand will surely get registered in their mind.

USB Sticks

Today, everything is digital. USB sticks come in handy to store and retain important information. And, in the absence of the internet, these sticks can give you easy access to critical information. For instance, if your customer is unable to access their drive within their email in order to print some critical documents. If they have those documents stored on a USB stick, their work can be done. By providing USB sticks as promotional gifts, you save a customer’s day, and they also remember your brand while using it.


What if your brand name shines every morning in the mind of your customer? You may think that it is not possible, but it is. Promotional, branded mugs can do the trick. You can have your brand name along with some catchy quotes printed on mugs. This will definitely help them recall your brand every morning.

If you wish to stand out of the crowd at tradeshows with such amazing promotional gift ideas, you can contact Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery.

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