The use of promotional products as a means to consolidate brand recognition is hardly a new practice. It has been done for a while now. The impact of promotional products is such that it is used even in the modern era despite the rise in prevalence of digital marketing. What is it that attracts large corporations and small startups to employ promotional products as a marketing tool? Many of us have had this question at some point. And, here’s the answer.


A wholesome advertising or marketing campaign is an expensive activity. This is quite true for a smaller business due to the scarcity of available funds. Smaller businesses also have to consider the limitations of their reach. Promotional products like t-shirts and mugs don’t burden firms with the expenses demanded by a traditional marketing campaign. Considering these factors, it is not surprising that promotional products are utilized to make a lasting impression in a cost-effective manner.

Brand Recognition

We are creatures of association, i.e., we make quick connections as we associate signs, symbols, numbers, and colors. When consumers repeatedly come across signs and symbols associated with your brand, then there’s an increased likelihood that your brand will remain rooted to their minds. And, they will recall your brand when they need the product or services that you offer. At a time when attention spans are fast dwindling, that’s a success as far as marketing effectiveness goes. This is backed by a study published by technomarketinginc.com, which states that an overwhelming 89% of those who receive a promotional product recall the manufacturer of the product for a period of two years average.

A Stylish Visiting Card

We receive an inordinate amount of business cards in our day-to-day life. It is hardly surprising that people end up piling them up in a corner and they end up forgotten after a while. This is a period of high creativity. And, using promotional products is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the way you introduce your brand to potential consumers and prospective clients alike. The advantage of such a strategy is that your brand stands out amongst the others and your consumers end up with a tangible consumable product such as a torch, a stationery item, or a pen drive.

Consumer Loyalty

This is possibly the most undermined benefit of promotional products because of the lack of a means through which customer loyalty can be measured. However, a promotional product of high quality sure makes a lasting impression in the mind of the consumers. This is also where old-school marketing retains its freshness even today.

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