When small businesses and corporations are choosing between embroidery and screen printing, they simply ask “which of the two is better?” To that, our standard response is: “It depends”. It goes without saying, here’s a choice you must make only after examining the pros and cons of each option. To help you choose, in this article, we’ll make comparisons between the two options on the basis of factors we consider important to your promotional campaign.

The Basics

Screen printing involves printing a design on a piece of merchandise such as a t-shirt, business polo etc. This method involves the use of a mesh screen, which uses ink to transfer a predetermined design from the screen onto the merchandise. On the other hand, embroidery uses computerized machines to stitch threads into the fabric of your merchandise based on the design of your choice.

The Cost

When we consider the costs associated with standard screen printing, it strictly depends on the number of colors you’re using for the print, and the overall complexity of the pattern you’re considering. While embroidery is generally more expensive than screen printing, the extent to which embroidery is expensive primarily depends on the number of stitches you’re employing, and the size of the embroidered design. However, the setup fees associated with embroidery is lower than that of screen printing. It is also important to note that the cost-per-piece reduces with the increase in the overall quantity you’re ordering, for screen printing and embroidery alike.

The Durability

If the durability of your merchandise is a priority of your promotional campaign, you’re more likely to be successful with embroidery. That’s simply because the embroidery you stitch holds up better after multiple washes as compared to the ink used for the print screen merchandise. If you intend for the design to remain intact for your clients, opt for embroidery.

The Diversity

Unlike embroidery, screen printing enables you to experiment your pattern on multiple textures. For instance, you can use screen printing seamlessly on varied textures such as leather, cotton, polyester, plastic, and even glass. When it comes to diversity of textures, screen printing is the clear winner since embroidery can only be stitched into cloth textures.

The Adequacy

And finally, you should consider how adequate any of these options are for the caliber or class of your clients. For instance, embroidered merchandise retains its sophistication through its simplicity and neatness. Its crispness and professionalism makes it a far more adequate option when you’re considering these promotional products for your elite, high-profile business clients. Screen printed merchandise works well for your general clients.

These are the factors you should consider when you’re making a choice between the two major imprinting methods. However, it’s important to realize that your choice between promotional products is hardly limited to these two options. Contact us to learn more about the scope of your promotional campaign.

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