Why the Package Means More to Customers Than the Product: Part 2

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In our last blog, we introduced the concept, and importance, of delivering the right unboxing experience for consumers. If you missed the first blog, you could find it here. When you are fighting for mental shelf space against your competitors, consumers rely heavily on the packaging of a product to filter out advantages and disadvantages.
It would too time-consuming to start analyzing and comparing each product, so the product with the better packaging will almost always win.
Packaging is not limited to startups and newcomers to the business field, but can also be applied to existing and established business (it’s always a good time to boost sales).

Making an Impact with Package Design:

When you’re trying to determine the right packaging for your product, you may want to consider some of these parameters to ensure your brand is resonating well with your clientele.

  1. Understand your clientele- Data will be your best resource when making decisions. Some products are more natural to coordinate packaging for, as you may be able to understand who the product is geared towards. For example, some obvious products such as jewelry, women’s clothing, makeup, hair products and more are mainly targeted towards females. Understanding your end user will help to generate packaging that can stand out and appeal to the consumer. This does not mean that every packaging needs to be pink, but it surely does mean that females respond differently to colours, value propositions and messaging, differently.
  2. Cheap can be chic with creativity– Having great packaging does not have to mean having expensive packaging. You can still add a classy touch to your packaging using creativity. For example, added a inspirations quote, an addition bow or a splash of colour can transform any package.
  3. The experience started before the product- This is probably one of the most critical rules in mastering the packaging process. The experience consumers have when first viewing your package, unboxing it and ‘getting started’ with your product is all a reflection of what consumers feel when purchasing from you. There are many different examples I can provide, such as Apple or Samsung; however, I am going to highlight two companies who take ‘ordinary’ products and transform them into an extraordinary experience.

Dollar Shave Club Example
Dollar Shave Club- They have taken the route of witty humor and have entertained the ‘truth’ of what people feel about the pains of shaving. This is an example of how the messaging looks when a consumer received their box.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

source: Dollarshaveclub

Thrive Market Example
Thrive Market’ business revolves around bringing the farmer’s market to your door, and combine their packaging to deliver the right experience. Below is a sample as to how their packaging looks.


Thrive Market Example

Thrive Market Example


source: thrivemarket.com

  1. Positive Impact- It is estimated that 52% of people, globally, decide to purchase from a company based on their positive social and environmental impact. Making your packaging eco-friendly can also alter the way consumer view your packaging, product, and company.

The most straightforward take away from your packaging is to ensure that consumers can easily understand its purpose. Make your packaging easily distinguishable, with a clear message for your consumers.

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