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It is likely that you have walked away with a tote bag filled with items from companies who want you to keep them in mind. In fact, almost 90% of exhibitors offer promotional gifts when attending an event.

You have most likely been part of this trend, finding strategies to attract more clients to your booth, and have them walk away with something memorable. You may have wondered how useful giveaways actually are, and the short answer is, very. A survey has shown that 60% of clients use quality promotional items for up to two years, and 53% use the item on a weekly basis. Of course, it goes without saying that not every item can be categorized with these stats.

So, how do you ensure that your giveaway idea is worth the money, and will be used by clients? You have to think about convenience. Here are some suggestions:

Power packs: power packs, or portable batteries, are a fantastic giveaway, which will be used often. Also, it is unlikely they will be thrown away, unless it stops working, which boosts the usage for an extended period.

Notepads: Going back to the basics, in the technology era, it’s seldom that we may shop for notepads. However, they can be incredibly useful and are not likely to be thrown out.

Phone popsockets/finger holder: This is most likely one of the most convenient gifts anyone can receive. Slapping your logo, subtly, on this is one of the best advertisement strategies. The phone pop socket is placed on the back of a phone, which makes it easier to hold, and as people have their phones in their hand all the time, the brand exposure is excellent.

Tote bag: We’re going to go for a classic here and include the tote bag. If you can opt to give away a bag with better quality, it is more likely that they will keep it for a more extended period, and, use it as their primary bag for the remained of the event.

Although this didn’t make the list, a bonus suggestion would be a squeeze/stress ball. This is a great thing to have around the office and will most likely sit on the desk, in plain view. It also associated your brand with stress relief, which is always a good thing. Keep in mind that the most important factor in your giveaway is the quality of your printing, which is a representation of your company and services provided. It’s a subtle, yet important factors.

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