Business flourishes from the consumers and society. A business which doesn’t connect to the consumers and doesn’t try to make contact with the society has lower chances of profit maximization than the business that connects much closely with its consumers and the society. As a business owner, you need to create awareness about your business. Now there are several ways to enhance your brand image. Hosting an event, being a part of trade-shows and exhibitions, advertising, sponsoring an event, etc. are some ways to create awareness of your business and its offerings. If you are sponsoring an event, you can do much more than just paying for all the event expenses. Most businesses give away freebies or samples of their products. And for those who can’t afford to give away sample products especially businesses that offer services can have some giveaways with their brand name mentioned on them.

Why you should have giveaways at an event?

Increases brand visibility

Event sponsoring is a useful method for a business to reach out to prospects. When people see your brand sponsoring an event like a marathon or a bicycle race, people become aware of your brand and when you have free giveaways, then people will recall your brand everytime they use that item. Also, when a person uses the giveaway in front of others, more people come to know about your brand.

Builds professional connections

There’s always an opportunity to connect with other business leaders when you sponsor an event. Moreover, when you have something to give in return, people will be interested to know more about your company. This helps you to build professional connections. The professional connections can be a prospective client, a business partner, an investor, etc.

Increases the sales

If people like what you have to offer at the sponsored event, then they will also be interested in purchasing your products or availing your services. As a result, your sales figure can increase tremendously.

For example, a coffee production company can hand out free sample sachets of their coffee to the public during a sports event or even let them have a taste of their freshly brewed coffee for free on the spot and get reviews from them about their product. If the people like what they tasted, they may even buy from you. Likewise, a coffee company can distribute free coffee mugs with their brand logo on it. This enhances brand image and every time, the person uses the same mug to drink their coffee, they will be reminded about your brand. If the person wishes to switch to a new coffee brand, then they are most likely to adopt your brand.

Here’s a list of freebies you can give away to the audience at your sponsored event.

Custom T-shirts

A t-shirt is very commonly used promotional item and is worn by all. Giving away custom printed t-shirts with your brand logo on it is a good way to promote your brand. Just be sure to not make the t-shirt too boring. For example, giving away a white t-shirt with your brand covering the back and front of the t-shirt. The customers will feel like a walking billboard and put the t-shirt away after the event gets over. Instead, you can have a colourful t-shirt with a small logo at the top right corner. People are likely to wear such t-shirts multiple times wherever they go.


If your business sponsors sporting events like marathons in the summer, you can opt for vests instead of t-shirts. The marathon runners, wearing the customized vests with your logo, are noticed by everyone throughout the event and this gets your brand the much-needed attention.

Baseball caps

Everyone adores baseball caps. Giving away baseball caps with embroidered logos on them gains instant attention as your logo is placed on the head of the wearer. Baseball caps hold a higher value than t-shirts or vests because of its popularity, regular use, and the beautiful embroidery design over it.

Tote bags

A tote bag is the most loved and actively used promotional item for events. Consumers like tote bags and find it useful in daily lives. Giving away tote bags at promotional events is a good idea as it is useful for the customers and will help them to carry more freebies from other businesses that sponsor the event.

Sticky notes pads

Sticky notes pad with your logo on the front and watermarked in the sticky note is the best choice for corporate events. The receiver of the notepad will find them very useful and will appreciate your brand every time they write a new note or read the ones stuck on their office cubicle walls or refrigerators.


Key-chains are one of the best freebies as you can customize the style of key-chains as you want. A durable key-chain with a designer fob and that has your logo and contact information like your website URL can be a very effective gift for your audience. You can opt for a key fob shaped like a bottle opener for more utility and the consumers will love it.

The logo of your brand is the identity of your business and it should be on all the promotional items you give away to your consumers or to your employees. If you are planning to have promotional items for your sponsored event, then get in touch with Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery. We have the expertise in printing and embroidering your company logo for all the above-mentioned items. So, use these 6 giveaways at your sponsored event by customizing their print and embroidery from us and promote your brand and increase your sales.

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