Do you have plans to advertise your business? Sure you do. But what are they? Do you intend to advertise your business in the daily newspaper, where you’ll be most probably ignored by the reader? Or do you wish to have an ad video shot and aired on national television, where your viewer will probably go for a washroom break when your ad pops up? It’s very expensive too. Advertisements are something every other person tries to ignore. Promotional activities come with a price. You pay the price but you don’t always get the expected returns on your investments. The problem is with the placement of your brand name. Put your brand name at a place where your target audience sees it often. The target audience should see your brand as often as they can. So what can be a noticeable place to put your brand on? The answer is ‘a t-shirt’. Custom t-shirts can be an effective promotional tool. A t-shirt is something that everyone adores at every age. People have special preferences for their t-shirts and some of them just love some creativity on what they wear. A t-shirt can be a powerful promotion tool in today’s world, especially in communicating solid ideas. Whenever your t-shirt is pulled out of the closet by the owner your brand will speak to them every time.

Benefits of using T-shirts for Promotion

Communicating ideas through t-shirts is not a new thing. For the past decade, there has been incredible growth in t-shirt designs and their popularity in the fashion industry. A t-shirt is noticed by everyone when the person wears it and walks down the street. Printing your brand name with an excellently designed print on a t-shirt can be an effective way of increasing the social outreach of your brand. A branded t-shirt is like a walking advertisement. For example, people wearing t-shirts with logos of Adidas or Reebok at parks, gyms or malls are noticed by the public and this increases the brand exposure for those companies. Similarly designing a t-shirt with interesting and noticeable looks along with an imprint of your brand will act as your walking advertisements and your customers can be your brand ambassadors. A cleverly designed t-shirt can stir up conversations between people. Custom t-shirts will have people talking about your brand. This can be a great way for brand promotion. The t-shirts that you provide at events or conferences should be more than just a promotional item. For the customers, the custom t-shirt should be pride to wear and should have a look that raises the eyes of others so that your brand stands apart in the crowd. Advertisements in magazines or in brochures will go into the trash can someday, but a custom t-shirt will keep communicating with your audience for a long time and will probably be passed on from one person to another and therefore, eventually increase the reach of your brand promotion. T-shirts are indeed one of the most effective and economical ways of brand promotion for Edmonton businesses.

Types of T-shirt Prints

Printing a t-shirt is a work of art and technology mixed together. There are various t-shirt printing techniques available in the market. Choosing the right one for your brand promotion is important as every method differs in printing materials, printing time and design limitations. Selecting the right printing technique for your promotional t-shirts is important to create a customized t-shirt for your brand. If you want your t-shirts to remain cool and comfy you can choose to have minimum rubber or plastic paint used in the prints and more embroidered designs.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a common printing method for t-shirt printing. The screen printing method uses a stencil made of a mesh to transfer the ink on the fabric in a set pattern. The paint is poured on the stencil and squeezed through the mesh creating a design on the t-shirt. Screen printing limits the designing process to one pattern on a single print. Multiple stencils have to be used in order to create more complex designs and it takes more work and a lot of time if you require a bigger order for an upcoming event. Screen printing is suitable for single printed brand logos using the colour you prefer. It can be used for mass production of t-shirt for a larger crowd such as all the employees in your organization.

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to garment or DTG printing is a fast and relatively cheap method of printing on t-shirts. For DTG printing the tool used is a textile printer. It’s a printer that transfers ink onto the fabric using a computerized designing software. This method can be used to create complex designs and pattern on your promotional t-shirts. It will make your t-shirts more eye-catching if you express more with your t-shirt designs.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is the most recommended printing procedure for light fabrics. You cannot use cotton t-shirts in this printing process. Special kind of dyes are used in the process to print patterns on the shirt and heat pressure is used on the printed patterns to solidify them on the fabric. After the whole process is done you get a new personalized batch of t-shirt for your brand promotion.

Heat Press Printing

Heat press printing is a process which will be an economical method of printing custom t-shirt if you have a small requirement for t-shirts, like corporate uniforms required by a small firm. An industrial printing paper known as transfer paper is used to create the design and is then placed on the t-shirt. The t-shirt is then put under a heat press and the design on the paper is melted and bonded to the fabric of the t-shirt.

Vinyl Cuttings

The vinyl cutting and pasting method can create the most attractive and high-quality designs for any campaign promotional. Vinyl cuttings are design cut out from pieces of variably coloured cloth. The cloth is attachable to fabric using the polyester material on the back of the vinyl. The designs are cut in different parts from different clothing like a jigsaw puzzle. These vinyl parts are then bonded to the fabric using the heat press method.

Choosing from a range of designs and print methods can be difficult. Contact a t-shirt printing professional in Edmonton to select the best designs for your promotional t-shirts and goodies.

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