When teams come together for a sports meet in the college or at a professional level, the audiences discern the teams based on their sports uniform. The unique jersey of both the teams help the audience differentiate between the team they are supporting and the opponent team. Therefore, wearing a personalized t-shirt is essential for any team to separate itself from other teams. Custom t-shirt printing has always been the choice of team owners for creating sportswear for their team. A finely customized t-shirt for your team instills team spirit into the players and ignites a sense of unity. The colors and designs you choose for your team’s custom t-shirt also play a major role in the motivation of the team. But choosing the right custom design is important for the unique look of your team and for getting them the required attention.  Custom t-shirts can also be the means for the fans to provide support to their favorite team. Fans can wear the same t-shirts worn by their team to support and cheer the players.

How to Create a Good T-shirt Design?

Companies for custom t-shirts in Edmonton will let you have a look at their design catalog. You can accordingly choose a design that you think is best for your team. However, design catalogs don’t generally give you that unique look that you want for your team jersey. Therefore, designing a t-shirt for your team is preferred as it gives you more freedom in selecting all the designs elements and make your team t-shirts look unique.

1. Explore Different Concepts

Make sure of the concepts you’re going to build your t-shirt design around. The concept should be related to your team. It can be the team motto phrase or the t-shirt design can be built around the team’s logo or the name. Make sketches for every concept that comes to your mind. Take inspiration from the real world. For example, if your team name has an animal in it, make a design based on the most distinctive feature of the animal. Look at the logo of Edmonton Oilers, they have an oil drop in their logo and the font type compliments the name.

2. Test the Design on a T-shirt

You can never know how the soup has come out until you taste it. The same goes for custom t-shirt designs. Test the design on the photo of a t-shirt and make sure it looks as expected and is suited to the t-shirt color you want. If necessary, print the design on a sample t-shirt. It will cost you a t-shirt but will save you a lot if you don’t like the design once the whole batch has been printed. The design on the screen and the t-shirt can be different in appearance. Testing a design on a sample t-shirt will help you know if the colors are complimenting the color of the t-shirt, the design is being printed exactly the same as on screen and is not dull when printed. This will help you in editing the design and adding or removing color combinations.

3. Keep the Design Uncomplicated

Detailing on any piece of art is necessary and beautiful but sometimes it’s the simplest things that win people’s heart. Look at the Canadian ice hockey uniform for example. If you can, try keeping the design of your custom t-shirt simple. Many people are also fascinated by minimalistic designs. So, keep it simple and don’t complicate the design too much.

Details are impressive but conveying a complex message through a simple illustration is much better to promote your team. Simple images are easy to remember and can be recalled in an instance. This can help you increase the popularity of your team.

4. Customize According to the Game

Choosing the right color for the t-shirts is important. If you make your team wear white jerseys when they are playing ice hockey, the lack of contrast between your team and the hockey rink will make it difficult for the audience to notice your players. Similarly, bright green uniforms won’t work on a football field. So, choose the right color that creates a contrast with the field of the sport. Another aspect of such customization is the choice of fabric. For example, ice hockey, as the name suggests is a game played in a cold environment. Making your team wear a thin polyester fabric t-shirt is definitely going to affect the performance. So choosing the right fabric for the right sport is important for performance.

5. Choose the Right Ink and Color

Appearances can be deceptive, and they definitely are on a computer screen. The choice of colors for printing on your custom t-shirt is important to create a great design. The right choice and combination of colors are important to make sure the designs printed on fabric look the same as they do on a screen. The quality of a picture displayed on the screen and the same printed on fabric is different. This is because images on a computer screen are made to look more vibrant and perceptible using filters and saturation settings. But when the image is printed on fabric or even on paper the image comes out a bit dull. If you’re using a light colored fabric, you should avoid using lighter colors such as yellow, baby blue, or light pink. These colors, although fairly visible on the t-shirt, are indiscernible from a distance. You can use a darker outline for the light colored text or image and make it more legible from a distance. Choose color combinations that highly contrast the color of the base t-shirt.

6. Select the Right Type Font

You may have some texts in the logo, the name of the individual team members printed on their back, etc. The text used in any custom t-shirt should be clearly visible from a distance. For example, if the players’ name is not readable from a distance the audience will have trouble spotting their favorite player. Don’t use fonts that have finer lines as they become obscure as when a player moves farther. For denoting the player name and number, use bold-faced fonts that are of a color that highly contrasts the fabric. You can use designer but minimalistic fonts such as Castellar.

A good printing company is as important as selecting the right design for your custom t-shirts in Edmonton. An efficient printing service provider will save you from getting an unsatisfactory print on your custom t-shirts. If you are looking for a new batch of custom t-shirts for your sports team in Edmonton, you can contact us at Laser Screen Printing and Embroidery. We will help you design the most unique and effective custom t-shirts for your team and your fans as well.

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