College students are the consumers of tomorrow. Whether it’s a promotion of your startup or a new food joint, college students prove to be the best crowd for social marketing of a brand or product.

Promoting your brand to them is relatively cheaper and more effective because young minds and millennials today are very interested in trying everything new.

The most effective way of campaign promotions in colleges is to give away freebies to students and increase their interest in your brand. Print your brand logo on the promotional products and you can be in the good books of your future customers. The college students of today are millennial youth. So when you want to distribute promotional products in Edmonton colleges, make sure you’re up with changing times.

Cell-phone Loop Lanyard

Technological development has got everyone holding a smartphone in their hands and you will always find college students with smartphones in their hands. So, when you think about a giveaway for college students, nothing can be as useful as a cell phone loop lanyard. Students will love something that protects their phones from flipping off their hands or leaving it somewhere. You can print your brand logo or name on the polyester fabric loop of the lanyard and it will remind the user of your brand. Plus, it allows you to promote your brand to others when they use it in public.

Sling Grip

Some smartphones are quite large and may be heavy for the hand. You may lose the grip and drop your phone when using it for long hours. The phone can fall off causing damage to the screen or the beautiful glossy look of the smartphone. A sling grip will keep the phone from dropping off the hands and students will like its usefulness. The sling grip can be attached to the back of the phone using a removable adhesive. Print your logo on the sling grip and your brand will be displayed whenever the student takes the phone out in public.


A USB hub is an in-demand tool for all the techies out there. Students studying in the IT streams need to have connectivity. Connecting multiple devices to a PC or with each other is needed for the transfer of data or for a simple presentation using a projector. Therefore, a USB hub will be useful to college students in many ways. The high price of branded USB hubs will be one of the reasons college students will love your promotional products in Edmonton. Just print the brand name on the top and voila your brand will be displayed to everyone the student connects their USB hub with.

Pop Socket

Pop socket, is another type of grip for the phone. These grips can be attached to the back of the phone using a removable gum. They can be used as a typing grip, a camera stabilizer or a stand for watching videos and taking group photos. So, this product can be used for multiple purposes. Get your brand logo printed on the center of the round shaped grip. Your brand will be displayed whenever it’s time to click pictures or take selfies.

Sticky Smart Wallet

This is a very simple but really useful design for a smartphone accessory. This poly-fabric sachet shaped pocket can be attached to any mobile device. It allows the user to use it as a wallet and store their IDs, debit or credit cards, coupons and cash if needed. You can print your brand name and logo on variedly colored smart wallets and they are sure to be noticed by everyone. These useful and handy freebies will make your brand popular amongst students.

Highlighter Stylus Pen

Need to jot down a note and need a pen? And a highlighter to highlight a text in your textbook? This clever design, packs a pen, a highlighter, and a stylus together. This combo of three stationaries in one can be the best thing a student can get as a freebie. It will remove the need to keep a pen and a highlighter separately and as a bonus, they can use it as a stylus pen for touch screens. All you have to do is print your brand logo or name on this product and it will increase the gratitude of the student threefold.

Snap-in Cable Organizer

Need to charge your laptop, but the cable is tangled with the phone charger? Now it will take a few minutes to untangle these wrestling cables. Took the earphones out of my pocket. They wrestled inside my pocket too. And now the earpieces are in two separate directions and the audio jack doesn’t want to talk to them. I’ll have to remove the tangle before I can listen to some music. Wireless technology was introduced as an alternative to tangled wires. But it’s hard to get rid of them. So why not keep them organized so they don’t tangle. A snap-in cable organizer keeps the cables in a winding position so they don’t tangle with each other. Students that carry their charger and earphone cables everywhere will love this freebie. Print your logo on the cable or the snap-in hook and you’ll distribute a very useful and efficient promotional product in Edmonton colleges.

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