Hand Embroidery Design for Your T-shirt

The clothes you choose to wear says a lot about who you are. Your choices define your persona, so you should make your persona shine. The one major style statement people follow is to wear their heart on their sleeve by choosing to wear t-shirts that have slogans on them. The common choice for such t-shirts is often printed t-shirts. However, you could try something different by opting for t-shirts that have slogans stitched on them. In fact, embroidery stitches can add not only slogans but also other prints on your t-shirt. You could consider using the following types of hand embroidery designs for the same.

1. Back Stitch

Back stitch is a nifty hand embroidery design in which the result of the main stitching appears on the back side of the cloth. On the front side of the cloth, the stitch appears as a single line, however, on the back side, individual stitches appear. Back stitch often forms a single line and can be used as a boundary for the main object in your embroidery design. You can also use it to add pockets to your t-shirt.

2. Running Stitch

A running stitch is the most basic type of hand embroidery design that a person learns when they start learning hand embroidery. This stitch runs in a single line and is often used for basic cloth fixing. Running stitch is often used in combination with other types of stitches to create different designs.

3. Stem Stitch

A stem stitch is often used in creating basic hand embroidery designs. In this stitch, the thread is pierced from the surface of the cloth and then brought back up from beside the previously made stitch. Such type of stitch is really helpful when you are creating designs that have curves on them. Creating curves in hand embroidery becomes easy even for an amateur with the help of this stitching technique.

4. Split Stitch

A split stitch is similar to a stem stitch. In this technique, the needle is pierced through the cloth and brought back in a crisscross manner to give a fuzzy appearance to the stitch. This type of stitch is mainly used to create hand embroidery designs that need a textured look. You could also use this stitch to fill in a design or pattern and give it a different texture.

5. French Knots

French knots look as cute as they sound. This type of hand embroidery looks like tiny roses once the work is finished. To make a French knot, insert the needle in the cloth and then pull the thread to wrap around the needle. Wrapping the thread three times around the needle and the cloth and then pushing the needle down in the cloth will give you your French knot.

6. Satin Stitch

Satin stitch is a type of hand embroidery that is used for the purpose of filling up empty spaces within an embroidery design. A satin stitch is made of various flat lines and can be created with both hand and machine. Of course, the machine work would be much faster, but a seasoned embroider can create hand work with much finesse. The complete finishing of a satin stitch requires you to give it a smooth outline using a stem or chain stitch.

7. Lazy Daisy Stitch

Lazy daisy stitch is a type of chain stitch. In this stitch, a large loop is held with a small stitch, and a chain is formed with several such individual stitches. Some people also call a lazy daisy stitch as a detached chain stitch. A lazy daisy stitch is a good choice for your t-shirt design if you wish to add some floral design to it.

8. Cross Stitch

Even kids enjoy cross stitching and they can create a good design as well. Of course, it takes a professional to create cross stitch designs with experience and skill. As the name suggests, in this stitch you simply create crosses with your thread and then create shapes out of these crosses. You can use a cross stitch for stitching both objects such as flowers and fonts.

9. Chain Stitch

A chain stitch is made by creating small loops of threads and intertwining them together to create a string of chain. One of the oldest types of hand embroidery stitches, chain stitch, is easy to make yet attractive to look at. This type of stitch can be used to create borders of designs on your t-shirt.

10. Feather Stitch

A feather stitch has a finish that is made of both looped and open stitches. There is a single thread in the center which then opens up on either side. Each side will alternately have a loop and an open stitch. Feather stitch is an amalgam of the buttonhole and chain stitch. You can use this stitch to create random patterns on your t-shirt.

11. Couching Stitch

In this stitch, you need to form a design using yarn and lay it out on the cloth. You then have to fix it on the cloth but forming small knot like rings to keep it fixed on the cloth. You can use different color yarns to make your design look creative and unique.

When it comes to customizing t-shirts, there is no limit to how creative you can get. So why not try hand embroidery for your next t-shirt design. Get in touch with a t-shirt embroidery specialist in Edmonton.

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