Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are large business fairs, in which different businesses come together to display their offerings, identify potential buyers or partners, etc. Although it’s an old strategy, trade shows continue to take place. Modern entrepreneurs use new and unique ideas to setup trade show displays today. With advanced digital displays, product launches and demonstrations happening at a larger scale, trade shows are still considered by all types of businesses. To create an impressive trade show display for your business, you need to have the following:

Business Signage

You need to start from the basics when you are preparing for a trade show. Think of the very first thing that will catch the attention of a passerby. Why would a person come to your booth? A person will come to your trade show display if it interests them. So for people to find interest in your booth you need to have signage which mentions your business name and logo.

Additionally, you can add a tagline that briefly describes what you do. To help to attract the attention of a potential collaborator who may not be aware of your brand. The signage can be added as booth headers and posters based on the size of your booth.

Directional Signage

Trade shows are huge events. These are generally held in a large ground or a big indoor atrium. With such a large space it gets difficult for visitors to cover every booth during a visit. Sometimes even your luck runs out on you, and you get placed in a corner spot, which is not frequented by visitors within the trade show. For times like these, you should always be prepared with directional signage. These will be signs guiding a visitor to your booth, all the way from the entrance of the trade show. These signs will also have your brand logo to make the visitors familiar with your brand.

Promotional Items

Trade shows are a place where a large number of businesses are together trying to leave an impact on the visitor mind. This is a big task, and you need to use some tricky ideas to do so. One old but useful trick is to hand out free promotional items to the visitors when they visit your booth. These items do not have to be pricey or fancy. Promotional items will be simple items such as pens, calendars, notepads, bookmarks or fridge magnets with your company logo on it. You could also choose to keep a uniform color scheme on these items to maintain your brand identity.

Visiting Cards

At the end of a trade show, all you want is to build some connections and acquire investors and customers for your business. To achieve this, what you will need is a strong follow-up post the trade show has taken place. Now you may receive a huge number of visitors during the trade show, but how will they be able to contact you later? You need to carry visiting cards to hand out to these people when they visit your booth. Design extra visiting cards as they are always helpful for any business. You should also arrange for a card bowl on your booth for the visitors to drop in their business card for further conversations.

Quick Fix Box

You may start preparing for the trade show, well in advance but you can never be fully prepared. Sometimes, a sudden need for change may arise on the very day of the trade show. For such kind of emergencies, you need to have supplies. A quick fix box is a box of supplies that you might need in an emergency. This box will consist of duct tape, stationery, staplers, paper clips, cutter, screwdrivers, etc.

Electrical Extensions

Your booth in the trade show will be provided with adequate electrical plug sockets to attach basic things such as laptops or speakers. However, if you do have extra electrical items such as multiple display screens and fancy lighting, come prepared with extra electrical extension switchboards. It will be helpful as you can quickly assemble them without having to request the organizers for more plug outlets.


Trade shows go on for long hours. This means that you and your visitors will both be on your feet for a very long time. Use this to your benefit by adding a small refreshment counter in your booth. Simply offer juice boxes or sandwiches and become a popular booth in the trade show.

Video Display

A video display is a screen that will be attached to your booth. People in trade shows do not always spend much time listening to you. If you have a video display, they can quickly view presentations about your business and move ahead without skipping your booth. Your trade show display will also become more attractive for the visitors if you add video display.

A lot depends on the type of trade show display you create. It is the very first thing that a visitor views even before knowing what your business is about. So ensure that you use the right items in your trade show display by getting in touch with our display and promotional merchandise specialist.

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