With shifting trends towards fashionable apparels, the global market for custom t-shirts printing has been growing considerably even in Edmonton. Due to the freedom to personalise offered by the t-shirt printing industry, they have been driving fashion trends by explicitly targeting the young population. Every printing company provides flexibility to choose every element of custom t-shirts including the colour, design, material, logo, etc. This allows you to take your creativity to a next level and design your t-shirt that matches your business’s image and essence.

Let us start with fonts. In this article, we are listing down some of the ways that you can use fonts in your custom t-shirts artwork.

1) Give the Font a Shape

It is simple to give your text a shape to make an ordinary (sometimes boring) text into something interesting that is fun to read. Let’s say that you have a text to print, and you have decided to re-shape that text. You can choose a circle, triangle, or square orientation to liven up your t-shirt design. Wrapping your text into any shape, or even a slight wrap can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your t-shirt design. The wrapping of texts aids readability due to the addition of space between the texts. But, during text wrapping your design into any shape, you need to ensure that the text is visible and readable. So, as long as your fonts remain legible at the size your artwork is printed, you can re-shape your text to make it look great and get your message across effectively.

2) Align the Text and Change Your Focal Point

Changing the alignment of font is one of the trends in t-shirt designing. Applying certain alignments to the fonts aids in changing the focal point and enhance your t-shirt artwork. When you want certain important words in your text that need to be popped up or looked differently, aligning the text in your font helps to add some creativity in the text designs. When you use two or more font types, make sure that the fonts complement each other. So experiment with the fonts, pair them up, and create the right font design to create a kind artwork. If you are still confused with the font styles that can go well with each other, you can consult the experts to choose the right fonts and make it your favourite pairing.

3) Shape Your Font to Create Your Brand

So, what if there are a number of words that you want to include in your text to describe your brand? Well, if that’s the case, then clip and mask is the best feature to use. Adobe Illustrator provides a clipping mask feature where you can use a clipping mask to create a shape composed of the words or phrases you want to repeat. Masking the text in shape gives an impressive finished look. You can even combine multiple font styles to make the artwork of your custom t-shirts highly effective and create an interesting design.

4) Let the Fonts Complement Each Other

Mixing font styles are a great way to make something creative. But using a lot of creative styles can sometimes be an overwhelming task and affect the design of your artwork. It is always suggested to avoid combining more than two font styles for the t-shirt designing artwork. Researching about the font styles will help you know why they were used and for what purpose. For instance, if you want to print a compelling tagline of your new campaign, your font should reflect the essence of your business, such as your brand’s colours, so that people can connect with your business. Try to also combine the ink colour combination for the font styles in your design.

5) Create Contrast with the Font

Contrast can be achieved in many ways including the style, weight, size, spacing, and colour. Using differences in font helps to create distinct roles for each font, allowing them to stand out as individual pieces of information. For instance, you can keep the simple small gill sans font for “since” and bold, large font for the numbers.

Custom T-shirt

When you combine the fonts to contrast, remember not to create conflict between them. Make sure that the skinny text is not lost and the larger or bolder size doesn’t give enough presence to stand up against the skinny text.

6) Feel Free to Design

There are no obligations to follow certain designs to create your creative design. There are no right or wrong ways to create custom t-shirts design. It is up to you to determine how you want the viewer to feel when they look at your artwork. When you design your custom t-shirts design, ask your colleagues or business connections to share their views about how they feel when they look at your t-shirt design ideas. Ask for suggestions that are required to enhance your design. So, if you feel that picking the right font can be an overwhelming task, you can always consult an expert to assist you with the t-shirt design.

Don’t worry if you are still getting started with your design. You can always use a free template to practice and create drafts to create your final product.

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